Feeling down because you’re stuck at home? Don’t worry, you’re not alone! We’re inviting you to Z102.9’s 3 O’Clock Move and Groove, brought to you by ImOn Communications!

Stop whatever it is that you’re doing and join us for a 15 minute dance party! Sometimes you just need to take a break…. reset…and get down to the beats!

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ImOn Communications offers free community Wi-Fi in various locations in the Cedar Rapids metro area, providing Internet access to many who may not have it otherwise.

“With school and public library closures, many of our citizens have lost their only access to the Internet,” says Patrice Carroll, CEO of ImOn.  “ImOn offers free community Wi-Fi at various locations where people can access the Internet safely while still practicing social distancing.”

ImOn’s free community Wi-Fi is available at NewBo City Market, McGrath Amphitheatre, and the downtown area of Cedar Rapids, as well as at Guthridge, Tucker and Clark Parks in Hiawatha and the Ped Mall in Iowa City.  Users should be able to access these networks outdoors or even from their vehicles to enable social distancing.

By the way, if you’re looking for faster internet services and better cable TV in Cedar Rapids, Marion, Hiawatha & Iowa City, check out ImOn Communications. Head to imon.net for details.