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Feb 24

Written by: Greg Runyon
2/24/2009 11:53 AM 

Garrulousness (as in the title of this blog), in case you were wondering but too lazy to look it up, means something along the lines of “wordy and rambling.”  Seems about right for what is about to unfold on this here blog.  The question then becomes, what to be garrulous about?  I’m pretty sure I can promise you this:  There will be no theme whatsoever.  I’m going to be all over the highway, lurching from one topic to the next like a drunk lurches through a subway car.


But that’s the beauty of a blog, is it not?  If I care enough to write about it, with luck it will come out on the page as interestingly as it lolled around in my head.  Will you learn something?  Yes.  Will it be something of value?  I guess we’ll have to wait and see about that.


The thing that amazes me is that, while many, many people blog, a relatively select few get paid to do it.  Since I will be probably mostly blog during work hours, guess what that makes me?  A professional blogger, that’s what.  Pardon me while I go update my resume.



3 comment(s) so far...

Re: As the Black Eyed Peas Once Said...

I like your word economy in this break and if Hotel California were playing, you would have hit the post!

By Jimi Jamm on   2/26/2009 9:25 AM

Re: As the Black Eyed Peas Once Said...

I always hit the post. I'm the Postmaster General.

By gregr on   2/26/2009 9:25 AM

Re: As the Black Eyed Peas Once Said...

Your focking amazing!!

By Tristian Knake on   3/8/2011 4:38 PM

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