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Feb 25

Written by: Clare Armstrong
2/25/2009 5:50 AM 

I thought up a whole list of things for my fiance, Nick, to give up: pop, sweets, leaving cans and bottles around, and trying to hand me the keys when we're getting out of the car.  All equally annoying to me, but the sweets and pop would help me out in my lenten journey most.  He's decided to give up pop.  We talked about this on the show yesterday and I guess it sounds bad that I thought up a list for him?  My reasoning is that I'm on the outside and I can be more critical than he can be of himself.  And to be fair he gave me a list too!  He'd like me to give up being critical, sweets, and shopping.

I landed on giving up sweets this year, which normally wouldn't be a problem, but I made cookies on Sunday to celebrate Fat Tuesday (and Fat Sunday and Monday).  So there they are, laying on the counter.  They're not even good!  I got wrapped up in the Oscars and left them in a little long.  Last night I was about to eat my last cookie and I accidentally dropped it.  This thing was so dry that the cookie shattered like a piece of glass!!  Now they're sitting in the trash and I kinda feel bad about throwing them away.  It wasn't their fault!


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Re: Lent: Day 1

you said this morning on the radio that you were going to change the title of your blog to clearing clar's cluttered cranium. what happened to that. lol. it is a nice tongue twister

By Shane Murley on   3/26/2009 8:09 AM

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