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Dec 16

Written by: Greg Runyon
12/16/2009 10:00 AM 

I’ve always liked the phrase “you catch a lot more flies with honey than you do with vinegar.”  It’s a very true aphorism about the value of being nice to other people.  It’s especially good to remember when you’re trying to get other people to do your bidding.  The only problem I have with the phrase is the characterization of other people as flies.  It doesn’t really seem all that complimentary, but I suppose I’ll let it slide.


Today I am spending the early portion of my day pretending to be my boss.  It’s really quite fun!  We ordered some uninterruptible power supply batteries the other day.  For whatever reason, they decided to ship them to my bosses house, which is decidedly inconvenient, seeing as they weigh 180 pounds, or some ridiculous number like that.


The shipping company, reasonably, doesn’t want to deliver these monsters without having a pretty good idea that someone is going to be there to receive them.  So really, they’d like to deliver them to the radio station, and we’d like them delivered to the radio station, but now we have to get the battery company to agree to send them the additional 25 miles or whatever.  Hence, the pretending to be my boss.


I talked to the shipping company, as my boss, and buttered them up good.  Now, as I write this, I’m on the phone (on hold, actually, which leaves much quality time for writing, and also provides me with some delightful smooth-jazz background music) with the battery company trying to sweet talk them into making this happen.  Why it couldn’t have been so in the first place I have no idea, but that is neither here nor there at this point and not at all my concern.  My concern is getting these batteries to my location without me having to lift them.


So I’m laying it on thick.  I’m being solicitous as to how my newfound friend on the other end of the phone’s day is going, wishing happy holidays to everyone within earshot, and just generally being a delight.  And you know what?  It’s moving mountains.  I’ve got people steppin’ and fetchin’ for me this morning.


Hey, the Charlie Brown Christmas theme is playing now!  I’ve clearly been on hold too long when I’m getting excited about a particular song playing.  Nonetheless, I’ll persevere.  Since part of my job is to write blog entries anyway, I’m actually doing two things at once, and feeling awfully darn productive.


And now the Charlie Brown Christmas is over.  Back to some unidentifiable, inoffensive jazz song with lots of tenor sax and glockenspiel.  And now my buddy is back on the phone telling me that it’s all taken care of and the batteries are on their way, and what a pleasure it’s been to serve me.


You’re darn right it has been.



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Re: You Catch A Lot More Flies With Honey

I love happy endings!

By Loretta on   12/17/2009 4:35 PM

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