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Dec 21

Written by: Clare Armstrong
12/21/2009 6:38 AM 

Let me just start by saying John Mayer could probably do no wrong by me. With that said, I am in love with his fourth album, “Battle Studies.” I got hooked on Mayer years ago when he released his first album, “Room for Squares.” Every time I hear a song from that album I'm transported to a sunny day, the smell of salt in the air, and a refreshing cool breeze. Now is this because it was the first CD I popped into the player after getting off a bus in Florida with a broken air conditioner? Perhaps.

The album begins with “Heartbreak Warfare,” the second release that I can only assume is about Jennifer Aniston? It's got that classic JM feel for me, which I think is all about the rhythm or the cadence of his words. “Clouds of sulfur in the air / Bombs a falling everywhere” It was this song that got me excited for the album and not the first release, “Who Says.” Although it's a credit to his impeccable sense of humor and wit, it's not what I've come to expect from him musically.

My favorites from the album: “Assassin” (which should totally be the next release), “All We Ever Do Is Say Goodbye,” and “Edge of Desire.” “Edge of Desire” is the token lovey song on the album and I like to imagine John writes them just for me. Sigh....

John-Mayer-Battle-Studies-Album-Cov.jpg image by worldisbar



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