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Mar 5

Written by: Greg Runyon
3/5/2010 2:53 PM 

Okay, so I’ve been not writing much lately because our BlogZ page has been broken, and it seemed useless to write until it all got patched up.  If you’ve visited the blog in the past couple of weeks, and tried to read some of the stuff we’ve written, you no doubt would have been frustrated because the blasted thing wouldn’t work.


Time for me to come clean:  All of your frustration is my fault.  Well, wait; not all of your frustration, but all of your frustration about trying to read the BlogZ page.  I can’t be held responsible for your frustration with traffic on 380, your hectoring spouse, or whatever else troubles you.  But the BlogZ, lo, the BlogZ, that was indeed my fault.


Something went all goofy with my post entitled “An Invitation.”  As I always do, I posted it, and then sat back with a satisfied smile and waited for the usual plaudits from my adoring fans.  Unfortunately, instead of approbation I received messages along the lines of “Hey, Einstein, your blog is blank.”


I don’t know what happened.  It rendered just fine in Firefox (for Windows, at least), but not at all in Internet Explorer.  So I contacted our web guru, who suggested I delete the entry and re-post it.  So that’s what I set about doing.


Unfortunately, instead of deleting that blog entry, I, um, deleted the entire blog.  Whoops!


I now refer to this event as Humpty-Dumptying the blog, because it seems like it took all the King’s horses and men to set this one well-intentioned little click of my mouse right.


So I thank our Dear Webmaster for getting this whole thing Scotch brand taped back together so I can continue to jibber-jabber about whatever it is that drifts through my brain.  And thank you, Dear Reader, for your patience during this dark period.  I promise next time to find someone more qualified than me to click the correct ‘delete’ button.



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Re: Back At Blogging

As punishment for your erroneous usage of the delete button, you will now have to provide twice as many blog postings for the next month to make up for putting us through a terrible case of Greg's blog withdrawals. I almost had to use my EAP card for goodness sake!

By Loretta on   3/8/2010 11:56 AM

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