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Feb 25

Written by: Mo Holland
2/25/2009 11:10 AM 


On the drive from North Liberty to Z this morning, I once again thought “I love Iowa”.
A lot of people would be surprised by that. I mean, c’mon, I have a B.A. in Theatre, I lived in Japan after I graduated, and I wear black nearly every day. Most people expected me to run off to New York or some big city when I got back from my stint in Tokyo. But interestingly, Japan made me appreciate Iowa like you would not believe. Now, don’t start thinking I didn’t like Japan—because I loved living there, and I still miss it frequently. But there is this space thing there. In other words, there isn’t any. Space—I mean.
In Tokyo you’re always squished between people--on the subway, on the streets, in buildings, in your own apartment. When I showed people the pictures of my family’s quite modest, middle-class home, they thought it was huge, and when they saw an Iowa farm field, they thought it must belong to a king or something.   
Space. To breathe, to move. A field that sprouts golden corn every summer, and the beautiful scent of the rich, dark earth that’s recently been plowed under (sans fertilizer, from a scent perspective, of course). I truly love it.
I was born in Dubuque, along the river and among the bluffs, and I love that beauty too.
If you’ve never looked around and seen the beauty of the open space we enjoy…do it today, as spring just begins to tease us with it’s presence.
And just for a minute think “I love Iowa, too”.


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