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May 17

Written by: Greg Runyon
5/17/2010 4:03 PM 

We had the Schulte & Swann Prom last Friday. It was really wonderful. Over 500 people showed up to dance and socialize at Riverside Casino & Golf Resort. Good time. Thanks a ton to everyone who came to have some fun with us!

I have a sister who lives in Riverside, along with a couple of nieces (my nieces, her daughters). My youngest niece had a dance recital on Saturday, and my other sister and mother came in from out of town to see that, so I figured post-prom I'd just stay Friday night at the casino's hotel and hook up with them on Saturday, which I did.

We spent some time in Washington browsing the thrift shops and whatnot, and then returned to Riverside for some game-playing and a nice evening meal. We resumed our game after dinner. I don't know the name of the game that we were playing, I just know that I was terrible at it. It involved taking a topic (like “Things not to say to a flight attendant”) and having everyone write an answer to it, and then everyone tries to guess who said what. It was entirely too much information for my pea-sized brain to manage, even with a note pad, so needless to say I did not win.

Once we gave up on the game, there was a rumor of cake for dessert. I like cake, so I thought that was a super idea. Some of the assembled multitude went to the kitchen while I and a couple of others stayed in the living room. Then the kitchen light went out and it seemed as if a conflagration was in progress. No one seemed too worried about it though, and then it dawned on me: Cake+fire=birthday cake. And then I started wondering just exactly whose birthday we were celebrating, since I knew everyone in attendance and I was certain it wasn't any of their birthdays.

They all started singing the “Happy Birthday” song, and being a jovial fellow, I joined in. Not knowing what else to do, when we got to “Happy Birthday, dear (insert name here),” I sang “Dear Eric,” for my cousin, whose birthday it was, though he wasn't within a thousand miles of this party to hear me. The rest of this bunch, though, sang my name, which I thought was odd since my birthday wasn't for another ten days.

Talk about a surprise party! I couldn't have been more surprised. It never occurred to me that we'd be celebrating my birthday that weekend, but it sure was nice of them all to go to the trouble. The cake was good, and the laughs about me not realizing it was a birthday celebration for me were good as well.

Between the poor play in the game and the not figuring out that it was my own birthday celebration, I did drive home that night feeling fairly dumb, but I got over that quickly enough. All in all, a fine weekend.



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Re: I Am Dumb

Hahaha! I am glad we surprised you successfully! :) Hope you enjoyed your cake!!

By Oldest Niece on   5/25/2010 1:54 PM

Re: I Am Dumb

You are not dumb, but may have been "tired" from the prom.

By J on   5/25/2010 1:54 PM

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