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Sep 14

Written by: Greg Runyon
9/14/2010 5:31 PM 

Big things are happening here at work, which is why I haven’t found time to blog.  Sorry about that, really I am, because I actually have a laundry list of topics to discuss, but haven’t been able to invest the time to actually write.  Change is afoot here at Radio Bueno.  They’re putting a new wing on our building that will just about double our footprint, which, as crammed in here as we are, is absolutely necessary.  They’re also rebuilding our old on-air studio.  And we’re getting some much needed organizational control over our computers here in the building.  All of that, along with all of the usual work we do adds up to near chaos on almost a daily basis.


One of the nice changes is that today a new computer was bestowed upon me.  So now while I write these blogs, I no longer at times type whole long, rambling, Greg-like sentences before the words actually show up on the page.  That’s how slow my old machine was sometimes.  I’d be clacking away, word after word pouring forth from my noodle with none of them showing up for a good long time, and then all of a sudden they’d vomit themselves onto the page.  It was disconcerting  to say the least.  I’m not that good of a typist that I can dash off all that many words without an error, particularly when I can’t see what it is I’m writing.


So, yippee on the new computer, right?  Well, of course, but as with all things there is a price to be paid.  Slow though it was, that old machine, I knew her in the intimate way one knows a longtime lover.  Every caress I gave her, I knew what the response would be.  This new thing—hot young filly of a computer though she may be—has a learning curve.  Oh, the parts are all pretty much the same, but the way we are when we’re together, well, that’s taking some getting used to.


For example, even the Word program I am using to write this is all new and exotic.  Toolbars and stuff at the top look all different; I’m not sure I’ll even know how to save this page when I’m done writing it.  Heck, it even defaulted to a font (Calibri) that I don’t even think my old girl had ever heard of (love her though I did, she was rather dowdy and set in her ways.)  No problem, I’ll learn; and not unlike with a new lover have some fun along the way, I’m sure.   Honestly, I’m just glad to have found a program (Word) that works (more or less, despite all the newness) like it did on the old machine.


Some of the other programs I use, some of the really important ones, are rebelling against their new home and doing all kinds of strange things, right up to and including not working (yet, anyway.)  In many ways I can actually see this working to my advantage.  I have found myself at times in this job a great deal deeper into the inner workings of computer hardware and software than I am either trained for or inclined to be.  Perhaps I should take this opportunity to do what I should have done lo those many years ago and let my ignorance rule the day.  The phrase “eh, I’ll figure it out” can be replaced with “let’s get the Nerd Herd working on that.”  Sounds rather pleasant, actually, and maybe I can spend less time wrangling with computers and more time thinking big radio thoughts and doing radio derring-do.  Now that I’ve written that down, it does sound like a good plan for everyone involved, really.  Computer dudes can do their thing, and I can try to remember what it is that I’m supposed to be doing when I’m not diagnosing some computer problem.


Uh oh, wait a minute!  Now that I’ve gotten to about where I think I would end this, a problem appears:  Where is the Tools > Word Count feature on this new thing?  How am I to know if I’ve crested my “I can bang 600 words out on this topic” threshold for my blog?  Oh, wait:  There’s my good girl, keeping a running count of the words as I type them in the lower left hand corner; I don’t even need to go to the trouble of finding the right menu tab and asking her to count them anymore, she just knows that I always want her to.  Oh, yeah, that feels good right there.  Don’t stop, baby.


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Re: With One Hand They Giveth

Not sure whether to giggle or take a cold shower after reading that one. Once again, a pleasure.

By Loretta on   9/16/2010 4:10 PM

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