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Written by: Mo Holland
2/26/2009 12:18 PM 


Welcome to “Gee, Your Blog Smells Terrific”. I really wish I could post fragrance scent strips along with my comments and reviews, but as of now that technology doesn’t exist. I imagine Apple will be adding it to the iPhone in the next few years, so you’ll just have to wait.
First, let me clarify that I am not a fragrance snob. Okay, I use the word “fragrance” while most people use the word “perfume”, so there’s that…but otherwise, it’s all about the ‘juice’ as they say. I don’t care if it’s $5 or $5,000, if the juice is good, it’s good, if it’s not, it’s not!
Today I’m talking Estee Lauder’s “Beautiful”. The original scent was quite a departure from the heavy, early scents from the Estee brand. For one reason, it was not created by Estee Lauder, it was created by her daughter-in-law. It was a complete 180 from the direction of Lauder’s classic Youth Dew. “Beautiful” is a floral fantasy, and is marketed as a ‘wedding’ perfume. In fact, that brings me to today’s topic:
“Beautiful Spring Veil”.
First you should know that each year at this time, EL releases a limited edition, less-concentrated version of Beautiful. Some of the past ones were Summer Frost, Summer Fun etc. Do I have a bottle of each of them? I’ll plead the Fifth on that. All of these versions are termed an “Eau Fraiche”…in other words there’s more water added to the fragrance oils than in an Eau de Parfum or Eau de Toilette. The good thing about these, is that they’re lighter and fresher for the warm-weather months, the bad news is they don’t linger long on the skin. But you can spray liberally with no concern about knocking someone out with your scent.
This year’s version, Spring Veil, is particularly pretty in my opinion. I like the way the notes wear on my skin. While I can’t prove that the notes are arranged in any different way (When I say notes, I’m referring to the Top, Middle and Bottom elements of the fragrance)…but I do smell something lovely with each spritz.
As I mentioned, Beautiful Spring Veil is a Limited Edition. The bottle is pretty, with a lace-like imprint. It only comes in a 3.4 ounce spray and is $52. Considering the concentration is lighter, but the bottle is big, that’s about right as department store pricing goes.
I give this one a thumbs up…and I’ll be spritzing it well into August!


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