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Dec 24

Written by: Greg Runyon
12/24/2010 2:53 PM 

We live in a noisy, go-go-go kind of world. As a radio broadcaster, I recognize that I am a contributing factor to the noise, if not the go-go-go. As I sit here in the studio doing my show on Christmas Eve, I'm anxiously looking forward to leaving work. Not because I don't like my job, mind you; I'm one of the very lucky people who get to do a job that they truly love. No, I'm looking forward to it because once I'm done with work tonight we begin one of my favorite 18 to 24 hour periods of the year.


Oh, lots of people like Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, spending time with their loved ones and whatnot, and indeed, I will enjoy that as well. One other thing I really love, though, during this three-quarters of a day or so is the stillness of the world. There is really no other time of the year that matches it in that regard. Almost everything is closed. Most people if they're traveling somewhere have already done so. The world is buttoned up, hunkered down, quiet. There is a magic in that, and I love it.


Even if I have no real reason to go out, I try to find some time to do so, just to drive around and bask in this unique time when there seemingly isn't another creature stirring. This year will be particularly spectacular given the snow falling today. The wonderful fresh powder provides a soundproofing for the world. Combine that with the lack of people out and about, and the silence should be deafening. I couldn't be gladder.


We've created a 24-hour world for ourselves. I doubt there is any turning back from that, and most of the time I have an appreciation for many of the benefits that it brings. But tonight and tomorrow I will find a few minutes to celebrate Christmas not just for all of the conventional reasons that other people do, but also for the great gift of quietude, stillness, and peace it brings to my world.


To everyone reading these words, my warmest wishes for a very merry Christmas!


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