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Mar 3

Written by: Clare Armstrong
3/3/2009 9:01 AM 

We've decided to hold a morning show prom! It will be very exciting, but a dark cloud is forming over this event for me. I was flattered when immediately after deciding to hold the prom, Scott jumped at the chance to ask me first. But then he asked Waterboy. I let that slide...But then when I met him later that day to clean up after Gown Town and Ric told me Scott also asked our sales representative, Julie, to prom. While we were working with Tamie and Lisa from Lindale, Scott not only invited them to prom, but asked BOTH of them to be his date as well...I was standing right there! Later that afternoon, Scott began picking out a dress...for another of our sales representatives, Jill!!!

Now he's back tracking and telling me I was his first choice. I don't buy it. And here's the terrible thing about it: I'm a great date! I'm fun, I'd dress up all pretty, and I'd even be willing to go dutch on the meal.

Sigh...I'd continue to blog, but it seems I have a lot of flirting to get to. 38 days until prom!


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Re: I've got a bone to pick with Scott Schulte

I can promise you that, if asked, I will reject him. And attempt to make him cry in the process.

By Greg Runyon on   3/26/2009 8:10 AM

Re: I've got a bone to pick with Scott Schulte

scott would be a complete fool to not take you! besides being the beautiful girl you are, you would also prove to be a great conversationalist on your first date with scott! he surely would not be bored by you!

By sheri grabanski on   3/26/2009 8:10 AM

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