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Mar 6

Written by: Greg Runyon
3/6/2009 9:24 AM 

I have a friend from college, Mitch.  Good guy.  Has one of the best laughs ever.  We met very early on in freshman year, when I, looking for a way to avoid going to class, was spending an afternoon hollering out my dorm room window with a bullhorn I owned (I took all the necessities when I went to college.)  My roommates and I usually left our door open, so whoever happened to wander by in the 4400’s of Burge Hall could just pop in.


Well, Mitch was one of those popper-inners on that fateful day.  As I recall it (and I freely admit that I may have killed these brain cells at some point), Mitch walked up as I was taunting people on the street below and said, “Can I see that?” in reference to the bullhorn.  I handed it over; anxious to see where this went.  I was not disappointed.


Mitch, in an inspired tribute to David Letterman, leaned up to the open window, and through the megaphone shouted, “This is Hunter Rawlings the third, President of the University of Iowa, AND I’M NOT WEARING ANY PANTS!”


We bonded immediately.


Problem was, I didn’t know the guy’s name at the time.  So I’d see him around, and I’d say, “Hey, Hunter!”  The nickname stuck.


I often tell people that my freshman year of college lasted about 3 years.  I crammed so much fun into those 8 months, it seemed to last forever.  And my grades reflected it (sorry Mom).  But, hey, look at me now!  I have a radio show and a blog!


So the foundation of our friendship is a $29 Radio Shack bullhorn.  Best investment I ever made.



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Re: Bullhorns

that is awesome :-)

By sheri grabanski on   3/9/2009 1:47 PM

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