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Mar 13

Written by: Clare Armstrong
3/13/2009 4:39 AM 

I'm a huge Grey's Anatomy fan.  I think the episode when there was a bomb inside a guy and the hospital had to be evacuated was about the most exciting night of television I've ever witnessed!! 

But that was then.  Now three years later I'm still hanging on to the same plot--will Meredith and Derek ever just be happy??!!  They've thrown everything at this relationship and they still hang on, just let them be happily ever after!  It was bad when Addison walked in out of no where and they hit a very serious low when Meredith almost died.  And I've managed to stay excited through it all, even when it was ridiculous, but last night when Derek threw away the engagement ring I just about lost it!  I am not interested in role reversal where Derek becomes the sad, weepy, damaged one and Meredith is the strong one fighting to save the relationship.  We already did that! 

And so I beg the writers, please just let everything be happily ever after.  I if I want to see the same plot all over again I'll watch the previous seasons on DVD.


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Re: I want more

Yes I want more too. I think it was very stupid of Derek to get drunk like that and then yell at Meredith and then throw the ring??!!! I was shocked!!!

By Maitland SIeren on   3/13/2009 8:24 AM

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