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Mar 17

Written by: Greg Runyon
3/17/2009 9:22 AM 

This happens to everyone, sooner or later.  And when it happens, there is embarrassment and possible annoyance.  Sounds like a problem that needs solving, doesn’t it?  Well I have the solution, and I’m offering it up so some hotshot can actually make it happen.  I just want credit.  And perhaps some cash, should any be made off the deal.


How many times have you sent or received an email, to which there was supposed to be something attached, and there was nothing there?  Doesn’t matter what the attachment was supposed to be, a document, funny video, whatever.  There’s nothing worse than typing out, “See attached (whatever),” and having nothing there to see.  Okay, there are a few things worse, like a plague of locusts (believe me, I know) or erectile dysfunction (not that I’d know, but I’ve heard), but this is clearly a problem that could be easily avoided with a simple fix by whatever email program you have.


People sometimes ask, “What’s the big idea?”  Here, dear reader, is the big idea:  When you hit ‘send’ on an email, your email program makes a quick check of your email, looking for the word “attach.”  If it finds any variant of that word, it asks whether you intended to attach something.


This wouldn’t be a big annoyance with users, since how often really do you use the word “attach” in an email, unless you are referring to an attachment?  So most of the time, it doesn’t do anything.  But if you’ve typed “see attached file,” and forgotten to attach said file, my idea has just saved your proverbial bacon, preventing that terrifically awkward exchange of “Uh, there’s nothing attached to your email,” replied to with, “Oh, golly, I’m such a silly-billy, here is that attachment I mentioned.  Have a lovely day!”  Yeah, it’s all sunshine and rainbows in my world.  You got a problem with that?


Is this a great idea, or what?  You can thank me later.  Like, after someone smart gets around to making this game-changing initiative a reality.  If you are the genius who can actually implement this, just remember where you got your idea, once a year, with a fat check.  Or at least name the app The Runyonator.



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Re: My Million-Dollar Idea

Hey there Uncle!!!!! Got some news fer ya - them Google boys done it already in Gmail! That's wild though. Reminds me of the alligator I done wrestled yesterday. When you coming down to eat crawfish with me?? It's in season!!!

By Louisiana Nephew on   3/17/2009 1:33 PM

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