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Mar 18

Written by: Mo Holland
3/18/2009 12:05 PM 

I remember the Big Blanket. It never went by any other name. I couldn't tell you what happened to it. Trust me, my mother gave away everything once we left home. Everything except my canopy bed and matching furniture, anyway-- which is a major point of contention with my two older brothers.
The Big Blanket--so named by my mom, I believe--was green and had some kind of animals on it. I think there was a lion? It's really sad that I don't remember, because it was a ubiquitous part of my childhood. I think there may be one or two pictures in which it shows up only incidentally. I remember showing one of those pictures to my brother recently and he suddenly rememberd the Big Blanket as well.
It had its share of uses. We used it as an actual blanket...mostly to wrap up in on the couch as I recall...especially when we weren't feeling well. It covered us from head to foot, without any cold little toes sticking out. Hence the name. I believe the Big Blanket was also utilized for many versions of forts--since it was big enough to lay over two kitchen chairs and still have enough drape to drop all the way to the floor. The Big Blanket was a great place for picnics on the carpet (since nary a crumb was allowed to fall on my mother's floor!), and it occassionally covered one or the other of our 'kid' beds, but was quickly removed by another kid for their bed.
My husband knows never to leave me alone in the blanket or throw section of a store--because I'll inevitably find one that we 'need'. He doesn't understand. But, I guess I'm just trying to find something as comforting as that old "Big Blanket". Perhaps you could tell him that for me.


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