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Mar 26

Written by: Clare Armstrong
3/26/2009 8:23 AM 

At the beginning of this week I could not believe I allowed Man Camp to happen.  I like that he's not uber masculine and doesn't have to watch "the big game."  But after seeing all of the challenges we were putting in front of him, I didn't know how he'd handle it.  Nick was a little nervous about some of the activities he'd have to do, but he said he'd try.  And wow has he ever!  He's given it his all this week and succeeded at every single challenge.  Change the oil on Scott's bike?  No problem.  Eat some burning hot salsa?  Sure, but make it really hot!  Block pucks flying at me at 90 miles an hour?  Bring it on! 

There's only one more day left of Man Camp.  He still has to break a board after learning some karate tomorrow, but after what I've seen this week it should be no problem.  Ladies and gentlemen, I'm celebrating early!  Nick's getting his man card back!

"What a man what man what mighty good maaaan!"


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