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Apr 9

Written by: Greg Runyon
4/9/2009 8:40 AM 


I have a concern that I’m sure many men share.  No, I’m not talking about weak stream, going urgently, or incomplete emptying, though I am going to (gasp!) discuss urine in my blog today.  Specifically, there are two public restroom issues I need to address. 


I was at a fine local establishment the other night enjoying some adult beverages whilst watching my beloved Chicago White Sox play poorly against the Kansas City Royals.  Drink enough beer and sooner or later, nature will indeed call.  So off to the men’s room I went, to, ahem, urinate.  And there I did find not one but both urinals already sullied by other users.


I blame this problem on automatic flushers.  You see, the urinals in question were of the manual variety, where one has to go to all the trouble of bonking a lever in order to make the thing flush.  I think we’ve all, though, become so accustomed to just doing our business, zipping up and walking to the sink (we ARE washing our hands after handling our junk, aren’t we?) that we don’t even think about lifting our left hand and finishing the deal properly.  Too many of us just assume it will happen.  Then I show up, and have to flush before and after I go.  Let’s be more diligent, boys.


Issue number two (and I’m going to just let the “number two” joke pass) is that I’d like to make a plea to inn keepers of all kinds, and it’s actually a request that will help them at restroom cleaning time:  Could you put a garbage receptacle near the door?  It needn’t be the only garbage can in the room, but there needs to be one by the exit.  You see, I don’t really get a comforting feeling of cleanliness in most public restrooms.  And given the nausea-inspiring percentages of people I see exit restrooms without washing, I’m not exactly eager to grab that door-handle with my bare hand.  So I wash, I dry with a towel, and then I use the towel to grab the door handle on the way out.  I don’t like air-dryers in public restrooms specifically because I can’t grab the door handle with a dryer.  Well, I probably could, but I doubt the owner would appreciate it.


But wait, now I’ve got the door open, but I still have the towel!  So, if the garbage can is not right by the door, I then have to heave the towel across the room at the bin while holding the door open with my foot.  While in general I actually kind of enjoy the sport of the whole process (it’s like hitting a half-court shot at the buzzer), let’s face it, I usually miss my target (as do most half-court shooters).  Then I feel bad about leaving my towel litter strewn about.  I get over it quickly though, because the solution (put a dang bin by the door) is so simple that I wouldn’t think it would have to be spelled out.  Spell it out I have, though, and now there is no more excuse.  You’re on notice.  “Can by the door, or towels on the floor” is my slogan for this particular campaign.


There, those are my bathroom complaints. 


Ahhh.  I feel so…relieved now.


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Re: Can Food For Thought

Hey...have you been using the women's can also because I find a lot of paper towels on the floor in there as well.

By Loretta on   4/11/2009 1:01 PM

Re: Can Food For Thought

Not since the remodel! :)

By gregr on   4/9/2009 3:32 PM

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