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Apr 15

Written by: Greg Runyon
4/15/2009 7:03 AM 


I had quite a day on Tuesday.  I spent the early part of my day out in front of Lindale Mall collecting money to benefit Cedar Rapids police officer Tim Davis and his family.  If you don’t know, Officer Davis was recently severely assaulted while responding to a report of a robbery.  He now lays in a bed at the hospital, and has a long recovery ahead of him.


Someone had the brilliant idea of having bracelets made in his honor.  They’re like the Lance Armstrong “Live Strong” bracelets, only blue, and with “Davis 929” on them.  929 is Officer Davis’ police ID number.  Stuff like this is right up Z102.9’s alley, and one of the reasons I really like working here.  We jump when stuff needs doing.


So throughout the day on Tuesday, our deejays were out at Lindale Mall selling these bracelets, with the money going directly to the Davis family.  In one day, we raised almost $4400, thanks to the good people of Cedar Rapids.  Actually, thanks to people all over the area:  While I was there, a couple of folks showed up who had come to town from the Quad Cities on their way to do some shopping.  They heard us and stopped by to donate.  We had a gentleman give us a check for $500.  People handed us C-notes.  It is always really emotionally satisfying to have people step up like that.


After my show, I got to go over to the Teamsters Hall to the dinner organized to benefit Officer Davis.  Word is that some 1300 people showed, and they raised $12,000.  Incredible. 


One of the touching things at this dinner was all the artwork, notes, and cards on display, mostly from school children.  Kids have a really heart-rending way of expressing sorrow and sympathy, and I found myself actively trying not to get teary while reading all of the poignant sentiments.


I ended up having a very nice meal with some of my coworkers and their families.  It’s easy when things like what happened to Officer Davis happen to become jaded and a bit bitter about the world.  And then the good people reassert themselves, and I’m reminded of what a great place Iowa is to live after all.



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Re: The Good, The Good, and The Good

I do feel sorry for officer Davis's getting assaulted while he was doing his job. I just hope that no other person doing their day to day jobs ever gets hurt. I just wish that the citizians would pull together anytime someone gets hurt badly on the job. Kinda like the poor cab driver that was killed in Cedar Rapids by someone being chased by the police. What did they do for him?

By Katie on   4/16/2009 12:13 PM

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