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Apr 16

Written by: Greg Runyon
4/16/2009 12:58 PM 


I’m always gratified when someone comments on my blog, for a couple of reasons:  First, it proves that someone other than my immediate family (hi, Mom!) reads what I write, and second, it gives me some idea if I’m expressing my sentiments correctly and what impact my thoughts have on others.


Katie posted a comment on my entry titled “The Good, The Good, and The Good,” (Click to read) which was about some of the benefit events being held for Cedar Rapids Police Officer Tim Davis, who was assaulted while responding to a report of a robbery.  She wrote:


“I do feel sorry for officer Davis's getting assaulted while he was doing his job. I just hope that no other person doing their day to day jobs ever gets hurt. I just wish that the citizians would pull together anytime someone gets hurt badly on the job. Kinda like the poor cab driver that was killed in Cedar Rapids by someone being chased by the police. What did they do for him?”


It struck a chord with me, in part because she mentioned the death of taxi driver Richard Dankert, which I wrote about here (Click to read).  I understand where Katie is coming from with this.  The outpouring for Officer Davis has been astounding, and certainly others are injured at work and receive no such response from the public.


I think the difference, Katie, is based on two factors:  One, Officer Davis was not simply injured on the job, he was attacked.  This was no accident.  I can imagine if some lunatic went to a convenience store and beat a clerk to within an inch of his life, there might be a chili supper or two organized, though admittedly they might draw a smaller crowd than turned out for Officer Davis.  The second factor, the one that draws the terrific public response, is that Officer Davis is a cop.


Officer Davis chose a career where there is the potential for danger around every turn.  He rushes toward peril when the rest of us would flee it.  He signed up to protect the rest of us from the ne’er-do-wells in our community who would do us wrong.  Someone breaking into your house?  He’d come running.  Having a domestic dispute?  On his way. 


I chose a career where I can be silly most of the day.  It suits me.  He chose one where bravery is a prerequisite.  It suits him.  I don’t have many worries about being attacked at my job, unless I really piss someone off with my blog.  You never know, I guess.  But he patrols our streets with that possibility every day.  It’s an unfortunate reality of the world we live in.


I guess because he runs that risk for our benefit every day is why this is different.



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Re: Going Interactive

Well done Greg. I feel your explanation was well thought out and I'm sure your readers will agree that the events being held for Officer Davis' are well deserved.

By Loretta Welsh on   4/20/2009 4:13 PM

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