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Apr 21

Written by: Greg Runyon
4/21/2009 2:26 PM 


Oh, warm weather, what a tempting mistress you are

Teasing all humanity with your grace

Making me think of, as Nat King Cole once said

Soda, and pretzels, and beer

Oh, warm weather, come hither

I await the sun on my face

Though I will thwart those rays

With SPF 15 at minimum

Warm weather, my love

Permit me to go camping

Or perhaps to just sit on my deck

And read a book

Warm weather, with your appear

Radio folk scatter to the streets

To do silly and fun things

While pretending it's work

Warm weather, will you stay

Around for a few months

And let us have nary a day of chill

Until late September or so, when I wouldn't mind so much



2 comment(s) so far...

Re: An Ode To Warm Weather

Ha! Filing that away for my next Ode.

By gregr on   4/21/2009 2:39 PM

Re: An Ode To Warm Weather

Of course! In the incomparable song "Those Lazy-Hazy-Crazy Days of Summer" from 1963.

By gregr on   4/21/2009 3:37 PM

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