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May 9

Written by: Greg Runyon
5/9/2009 6:50 AM 


I heard some people making fun of Vice President Joe Biden today.  You actually hear a lot of VP jokes, regardless of who is VP.  Easy target, I guess.  It occurred to me that maybe the fact that the VP is an easy target for humor is no accident.


You hear from time to time in the NFL or college football calls to bring in the backup quarterback when the starter is doing poorly.  Sometimes the backup is referred to as the most popular guy on the team.  He’s a potential savior, if things aren’t going well.


You never hear the same about the Veep.  And why is that?  Because the VP is picked by the P.  And do you think they’re going to pick someone who is going to make them look bad by comparison?  Heck no!  So yeah, Joe Biden may run his mouth a bit, and the President may cringe from time to time with some of the things he says, but in the grand scheme of things, that’s got to be just about how he wants it.  Someone a “heartbeat away from the Presidency” who makes it appealing to keep the guy we’ve got around.


Are we not all pleased (well, most of us) that we have the 1-2 combo in the order we have it?  Would we not have been pleased, had the Republicans won, to have McCain at 1 and Palin at 2, instead of vice-versa?  


No way would we let our football quarterbacks pick their own backups.  They’d all pick someone who had no chance to take their job.  So why do we let our political leaders pick theirs?  Just something to think about…



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