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May 20

Written by: Clare Armstrong
5/20/2009 11:22 AM 

I mentioned earlier this week that my birthday is coming up on Memorial Day.  Now, normally I'm the kind of person who says don't make a fuss over little old me as I blush and bat my eyelashes.  But I really do want a huge celebration!  Right now my plans are to dray up some kind of parade route--kind of like a New Orleans jazz funeral march, but without jazz and the funeral.  I see myself in some kind of tiara being hoisted up on the shoulders of a couple beefy beautiful men, waving and blowing kisses as people scream and wave as I pass. 

If for some reason that doesn't work out for me, I'm planning on making my own birthday cake and getting the candles shaped like numbers (for safety reasons--23 candles could pose a major potential fire hazard).  It will probably be chocolate or strawberry with the coolwhip-type frosting if I can find out how to do that.  I have some balloons and streamers and I'm going to make myself a birthday party this Friday during the show.  I'm going to look into some games and party favors.  Happy Birthday to Me!


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