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May 23

Written by: Scott Schulte
5/23/2009 8:07 AM 


I was supposed to turn right. That's how I get to my house. Turn right on Mt. Vernon road. Except I'm on a chopper for the first time in my life and I just...can't...turn...right. I'm going left and heading for Mount Vernon.

This week, my friends at McGrath Powersports have graciously loaned me a brand new Honda Fury. It's the first “major player” production chopper, and it's a thing of beauty. It's long and stretched out, it's got very clean lines and really beautiful wheels. It's also got a really big 1300cc engine.

I woke up one morning six years ago wanting to ride a motorcycle with no clue why. I can only assume it was all of the chopper shows on TV. I always wondered what it felt like to ride one, one of those bucket list things.

So, I turned left, got on the highway and had a ball. That's the point of any motorcycle, having fun.

Oh my God the Honda Fury is fun. It' got all of the “cool” of a bike crafted by a sleeveless, tattooed sculptor with all of the brakes and blinkers of a...Honda. I've read and heard that not every radical chopper is easy to ride. They're mostly about attitude. I figured I was going to have a bit of a battle on my hands with turning and leaning and highway speed. Not so. It may look like a chopper but it still handles like...a Honda.

And it's good looking.

It's so good looking in fact, that I kicked my car out of the garage so there would be more room to park the Fury at an angle. You know. To just admire it. While it just sat there.

Would I buy one? Yes.

Will I buy one? Honeyyyy?

Can't wait to see what I get to ride next week. Talk to you then.


Scott Schulte

Iron Butt Association member since 2008!


Check out the pictures of Waterboy and I taking the Fury for a spin here.


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