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May 29

Written by: Scott Schulte
5/29/2009 6:00 AM 

The Honda Goldwing

Because I'm going to Galena on a charity ride this weekend with McGrath Powersports, they went ahead and gave me the mother of all touring motorcycles, the Honda Goldwing. Well, to say it's a motorcycle, sort of sells it short. It's more of a...what's the word...RV. It's big and it's loaded. A very powerful 1800cc engine with more features than most cars. Radio, CD, CB, nav. system, airbag, heated grips and seat, air conditioning, retracting windshield, load adjust, reverse, temperature display, a passenger seat that's the envy of movie theaters and lots of storage.

How much storage? I took it to buy groceries.

You would think that a bike this big would be unwieldy or hard to manage. Well, you would be wrong. It handles like a dream. Think of a big fat NFL lineman on “Dancing With the Stars” who can do the quickstep and get a t10 from Len Goodman. It has a low center of gravity and it's perfectly balanced, very easy to manage.

I went out Secrist Rd. in Marion, with a storm trying to form. The corn is starting to come up, I had some classical music playing on the stereo, and I just started to truly relax. A little 30 minute vacation.

It was so relaxing, in fact, I kind of forgot I was on a motorcycle.

That may actually be my only criticism. It may be too comfortable. Of course, ask me the next time I ride straight through to Albequerque, as I did last summer and I'll probably beg you for a Goldwing. I guess I just like having to work at riding a little.

I guess I still can't get that Honda Fury out of my head.

Gotta roll,




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