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Jun 3

Written by: Greg Runyon
6/3/2009 8:16 AM 

Here’s that flying pig, which lives in the DJ area here at Z.  



It’s not often that Reverend Al Sharpton and I agree, so it seems worth commentary when we do.  The good reverend was speaking at a forum in Detroit regarding the Performance Rights Act which is under consideration in the United States Congress, and said this:  “I'd first talk about how we repair the damage done to artists. And I would not repair the damage by giving the money that they were robbed to the thief that robbed them.”


I don’t harbor any illusions that Reverend Al reads my blog, but here is what I said in a prior entry on this topic:  “I realize that there have been musical artists who have been shorted on money.  But who is it that shorted them?  The record companies!  To this day you have artists suing their record companies accusing them of shifty financial practices.  Supporters of this bill say the artists are being treated unfairly.  My question is, by whom?


Mr. Sharpton correctly points out the historical truth that some artists were improperly compensated, and he correctly points out who it was that “robbed” them:  The record companies.  The same people who now seek greater compensation from radio.  Make no mistake:  A large percentage of the money they seek to collect will not be going to the artists, but rather be kept by the record companies.  The record companies are awfully quiet about that, and have sought to position themselves as the guardian of the artist.  The fact that anyone, especially the artists themselves, is buying this load of baloney is stunning to me.


So Amen, Reverend Sharpton!  If nothing else, that guy knows how to get his message out, so in this rare instance, I’m all for seeing him on TV.  A lot.



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Re: Amen, Brother!

LOL =]

By Kennedy on   6/10/2009 2:24 PM

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