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Jun 3

Written by: Clare Armstrong
6/3/2009 10:47 AM 

I think my New Years resolution was to get in shape for the wedding.  (Round is a shape, right?)  I was doing really well, and actually losing weight, but the past month I got suuuuper lazy.  So, I started doing Jillian Michael's 30 Day shred in hopes that it would at the very least get me back on track with my fitness goals...and I'm pretty sure it's going to kill me.
It's only 20 minutes, but it's intense!  It goes in circuits.  There's 3 minutes of stength training, 2 minutes of cardio, and 1 minute of abs.  The good thing is that the circuits are short.  But after only 20 minutes I can barely make it up the stairs. 
Jillian Michaels is the girl trainer from The Biggest Loser.  She's a bit rough to you, but it's good to be challenged just a little bit.  My favorite thing she says is "There's no modification on the jumping jack.  I've got 400 pound people who can do jumping jacks, so can you."  That some great motivation, right when I really need it.  
I think I'm supposed to move up to a higher level after 7 days.  And then after another week or so the last level.  It's supposed to shred off a couple pounds a week.  I already feel thinner, but that's probably all in my head.  It's only day 4! 

I'm also wearing my gruve and keeping track of my calorie burn online.  It buzzes me every now and then and tells I should be being more active, which is really helpful.
We'll see if there's a clear difference in 30 days!


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Re: 30 Day Shred

I'd take the chance to challenge you on this one! I actually started the Biggest Loser DVD as well. Only, I am doing the Boot Camp video with Bob the other trainer. It's 5 minutes of warm up, and 20 minutes of the "Boot Camp". After 2 weeks you work up to the 2nd level, and after that the 3rd. My roommate and I started on Monday, and I too feel thinner already! What a great workout! Wish i had a gruve to help calculate my calorie burn.. atleast I can count my intake each day with nutrition facts!

Ann Virden
Freedom Festival Community Relations Director

By Ann Virden on   6/4/2009 4:40 AM

Re: 30 Day Shred

Aw Clare, you're so beautiful just as you are...but being healthy is important! Tell me where you get this shred thing? I wanna try it! You know they say anything you do for 21 days straight creates it as a habit! I want a good habit! Love you and hope you're well!

By Theresa on   6/4/2009 4:40 AM

Re: 30 Day Shred

Nick's sister told me about it, but I think they sell it at the usual places--Walmart, Target and such. Thus far, I'd recommend it!

By clarea on   6/4/2009 4:43 AM

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