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Jun 16

Written by: Scott Schulte
6/16/2009 11:07 AM 

 Woops, time for a little catch-up on my moto-blogging. The last time I checked in, I was going to ride my McGrath Powersports Honda Goldwing to Galena. It was a charity ride for a fallen soldier. The Goldwing got sold out from underneath me so they kindly loaned me a Star, Venture for the trip. It was a super comfortable bike with all of the creature comforts. After a great lunch with Mike and Lisa McGrath in Galena, we went shopping and I couldn't pass on a Nacho Libre mask. I know it wasn't wise to do so but I couldn't resist wearing it to Dubuque before returning to the proper safety equipment.


Thanks for the great ride guys.


Next up was a Kawasaki KLR650, a double duty bike that rides great on on the street but wants to get off road as quickly as possible. It's got high ground clearance for all of the fun in the dirt, so once I managed to get my leg over it, I quit using the radio station driveway and just cut across the lawn. Then I called Hawkeye Downs to get permission to ride around their Motocross track a few times. I think I got passed by a couple of four year olds but I at least got to feel what it was like. Another check off the old bucket list.


Last The Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14. It's a hyper sport motorcycle that wants to do some very naughty things. If it were legal, you could get to Chicago in about an hour. It can do a lot of things if it were legal.


Which leads me to this revelation. I have always respected sport bike (crotch-rocket) riders. I've always respected them but I never understood them. After riding the ZX-14 I can say I honestly understand their impulses. The bike makes you want to do some pretty scary things. I didn't, but I sure wanted too. By the way, they put it on the Dyno at McGrath Powersports Bike-A-Palooza and it did 186mph before the electronic limiter shut it down.


It was a more comfortable riding position than I would have ever guessed and it was WAY more exhilarating than I would have ever imagined. I could not own one. It's just not practical for me and the way I use a motorcycle in my everyday life but I get it. Sport bike riders, I get it.


Can't wait to see what Jeremy Richardson brings me next.






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