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Jun 25

Written by: Scott Schulte
6/25/2009 10:02 AM 


Rode a Star (Yamaha) Stratoliner last week from McGrath Powersports on Center Point Road in Cedar Rapids. The Stratoliner is named after a post-WWII Boeing airplane. It was shiny, substantial and luxurious. If you're going to name a motorcycle “Stratoliner” it better be shiny, substantial and luxurious. Check, check and check. It's burly. When I was riding it, I felt like I could bench 300, which I'm guessing is about 250 more than reality. It's also BEAUTIFUL. Great looking retro styling really catches peoples eye when you're gliding down the road.


My poor bike. I keep riding off with something that points out it's challenges. It gets harder and harder to pick it back up at McGrath Powersports at the end of the week. I had never really noticed how “small” it was. Thank you Star Stratoliner.


This week I'm speaking Italian again. Well, I'm speaking English in a very un-PC, Italian stereotyped accent. I'm on a Vespa. The extremely iconic Vespa. The one I'm riding has that cool 60's styling with a 2009 250 motor. Oh it'll scoot. I took it on the interstate with zero fear. It felt as steady at highway speed as it does rolling down my street. It's also fun and romantic. I keep hearing Dean Martin in my head as I ride it. I want to take my wife, a bottle of Italian wine and a loaf of bread to some overlook out of a Grant Wood painting. We'll see.


La dolce vita


Scott Schulte

Iron Butt Associate since 2008


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