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Jul 2

Written by: Ric Swann
7/2/2009 10:35 AM 

The first time I noticed not feeling “right” was shortly after the morning show returned from our Tampa get away in November last year. Started out feeling like a cold, but then all of a sudden I was experiencing really bad dry mouth, and thirst and weight loss. Naturally I thought I could eat my way out of it. HA, but that only made things worse, kept losing weight, couldn’t sleep. I was really concerned. Because I’m a guy, I figured the smart thing to do was tough it out and see if it corrected itself. It didn’t. Several female friends of mine suggested going to the doctor, but I didn’t have one. I hadn’t seen a doctor on a regular basis since I moved to Cedar Rapids 15 years ago. Dr. Booth’s name came up in conversation several times, and as it happens I live fairly close to his practice, so I made an appointment. That was in January, we discovered I am diabetic. I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. A tough thing to find out.  The problems that can arise from letting Diabetes go unchecked are pretty scary.

Together with Dr. Booth, a plan was set up to treat Diabetes and get my health in general on the right track. I think of it as a game plan, I’m the GM of the team, after all it’s my body, Dr, Booth is the head coach, and the other doctors and specialists he sent me to are assistant coaches. They put together a good plan, but it’s up to me to execute the game plan. If I don’t the team (me) will suffer. 
Over the next several weeks, I am going to be talking about the steps I’ve taken on the air, and will also blogging about the experience. Big kudo’s right away to Dr, Booth, and to the Joslin Diabetes Center at Mercy Medical Center. I feel better than I’ve felt in years, and my vital stats are getting back to within range. I know that this is a lifetime change, and there will be roadblocks and time restraints to overcome, but I am on the right path. The balance is back with my diet and I am a lot more active than I have been in recent memory. 
Living with Type 2 Diabetes will be a daily challenge, I don’t have the choice to not live with it anymore, what I have to do is make the adjustments to make sure I am doing the best I can everyday.           



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