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Jul 10

Written by: Ric Swann
7/10/2009 11:15 AM 

The biggest change that has happened for me since being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, is the way I eat. Over the years, I was pretty good at losing and then gaining back weight. I always thought I was doing well when I would lose 30 lbs or so, but then it would all come back, and then some. Crash diets didn't work for me. At Joslin Diabetes Center at Mercy Medical Center, they focus quite a bit on making dietary changes that will last your lifetime. In my case, if I stray from the diet for too long I can feel it. Physically I can tell that my blood sugar levels are out of whack. Making the right choices gets easier with time.

This week we talked about diet with Denise from Joslin Diabetes Center. She spoke about portion sizes and foods to limit in your diet. Nothing is off limits, however watching portion size, choosing veggies and fruit, lean meats and whole grains is important.

I had been on a good roll diet wise, then when I had the opportunity to perform in The Odd Couple suddenly my days got a lot busier and I found myself living life on the run. I'm proud to say that most of the time, I made good food choices. And certainly had a blast doing the play. My point is it is tough everyone has crazy lives these days, especially during the summer. Pre planning is the key, getting a cooler for the car, and stocking it with fruit and veggies or string cheese can help a lot.

I have finally figured out that losing a pound or so a week by eating better and getting more exercise is the way to do it. I feel better and eventually I will reach my goal weight. A big challenge will come this week, I am going on vacation and heading out of town for awhile. That means a lot of time on the road and seeing family and friends I haven't seen in awhile. That also means facing a lot of decisions when it comes to food. Guess I need to go get a cooler. HA. Bottom line right now, when I am focused and making the right call with my diet, I feel a lot better. I'll let ya know how vacation goes. .



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