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Jul 21

Written by: Greg Runyon
7/21/2009 2:49 PM 

I have this thing about the Taylor Swift song “You Belong With Me.”  I clutch on the title every time I’m about to announce it on the radio.  I have a strong, almost overwhelming desire to call it “You Belong TO Me.”  It occurred to me that perhaps there is a deep-seated psychological reason for this within me.  Am I a really possessive person?  Well, I don’t think so, but I’m always on the lookout for areas in which I’m not terribly self-aware, so I guess this deserves some delving into.


I’m pretty sure, upon at least a modicum of introspection, that I really am not overly possessive--of things, people, you name it--but then why the clutch on that title?  I don’t get hung up on any other titles to speak of.  So is there some latent possessiveness, some desire to have control that festers deep within me that I’m not hip to?


Lately in life I suppose that I have just gotten used to being in charge.  I’m in management, such as it is, at work.  I live alone, so I’m in charge there, at least when Josie the cat permits me to be.  I see a pattern developing.  But really, being in charge of those things doesn’t really “do it” for me.  It’s more happenstance than anything else.  Being in radio management allows me to goof around on the air for a living.  And I’m certainly not committed to living alone.  That’s just how it happens to be right now.


For now I guess I’ll just chalk it up to a random mental glitch, and do the blog equivalent of taking two aspirin and calling in the morning.  I’ll keep you apprised if this manifests itself elsewhere.



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Re: Am I really this possessive?

Ok, now I'm second guessing myself. Would I have not stumbled over the title of the song if you had not brought it up in your blog. Now I want to call it "You belong To Me." I can't figure out if it just sounds better mentally because we've been programmed to hear those words in that pattern or did you put that thought into my head. Either way I feel as though I've been victim to brainwashing.

By Loretta on   7/21/2009 3:43 PM

Re: Am I really this possessive?

Then my devious plan is working.

By gregr on   7/21/2009 3:43 PM

Re: Am I really this possessive?

Why is it that every time I hear that song now I have this incredible urge to wash your car? Have you also been implementing subliminal messages in your blogs?

By Loretta on   9/2/2009 8:16 AM

Re: Am I really this possessive?

It's working better than I thought! Stay tuned!

By gregr on   7/22/2009 1:12 PM

Re: Am I really this possessive?

I think "You Belong TO Me" just sounds better in our heads and that's how we're kind of trained to think. That's how I check my (and, okay, other people's, too) grammar is by repeating it in my head and seeing if it sounds good. I think "You Belong TO Me" does sound better than "You Belong With Me". Though I've never heard you on the air, I have to say that you don't sound possessive when you type. I'll have to listen all day someday to see what you mean, but I'm quite sure it's just the whole idea of TO sounding better than WITH.

Holy jeez, I am SO long-winded. Once you realize that this whole thing has one conclusion, you'll realize you just wasted about 2 minutes of your life. Whoever reads this, I owe you.

By Bailey on   7/23/2009 11:36 AM

Re: Am I really this possessive?

So did my grammar pass your test, Bailey? Grammar is important to me!

By gregr on   7/23/2009 11:38 AM

Re: Am I really this possessive?

I didn't notice anything, I'd have to be meticulous with it, but I'll give you a thumbs up for now.

By Bailey on   8/3/2009 7:49 AM

Re: Am I really this possessive?


By gregr on   8/3/2009 7:49 AM

Re: Am I really this possessive?

In one of my movies, Beach Blanket Bingo, Frankie A. and I walk along a beach and sing a song called "You Belong to Me." Probably not very self-aware, but catchy and sweet. Beats the HELL out of Taylor Swift!

By Annette F. on   8/19/2009 9:02 PM

Re: Am I really this possessive?

"they" say those things that catch us and bug us are things that we need to further explore - i am happy to see you did in your blog! It sounds to me like you are doing some great thinking - it seems less about being possessive and more about being in control...and i've learned that when i believe i need to be in control, i am lacking trust in that area...control is the opposite of trust...something to think about!

By Megan on   9/2/2009 8:17 AM

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