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Aug 21

Written by: Ric Swann
8/21/2009 10:30 AM 

During week 7 we had Kathy Keane from the fitness center at Mercy join us for a visit. Kathy talked about all the programs that are available through the fitness center. We focused on the metabolic program that is available. She talked about the testing process and the advanced metabolic training that follows.

I have been through the metabolic testing but so far am not in the training class. I am planning on doing the class soon though. I do continue to get to the fitness center about 4 times a week and am using the info I got from the testing to tailor my own workout routine. As it goes on its getting harder to get my heart rate in the fat burn zone. I suppose that means its working. I do feel a lot better and am able to do more cardio and increase the weights on a fairly consistent basis.

I was impressed with the metabolic testing, it was a real eye opener for me. I feel like I am getting more out of my workout by hitting certain heart rate zones, and not wasting time or effort.

If you have any questions about any of it, the incredible staff at the Mercy Fitness Center can help you out.

I did have an appointment with Dr. Booth Friday. I was interested to see where my blood sugar levels were. When I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in January my A1C level, the 3 month average of the blood sugar level in your system, was at 13.5. That is WAY to high. In May I had reduced that number to 7.5 through diet alone. Friday I am happy to say that the level was 6. So I can assume that diet and the workout program have really been helpful.

I was a little disappointed that my weight hadn't changed much. I still need to drop about 20 or so pounds. I am positive that will happen over the course of the rest of the year.



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