Good by Eliot Keller
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George Davison

12-29-2009 15:43  
It is difficult to say good by to a friend. It is even more difficult when you knew the day was coming, but you did not know when it would arrive.

Eliot Keller was a man of passion. He understood what it took to motivate people to do their best work. He worked diligently to provide circumstances in which individuals could succeed. He mentored. He promoted. He believed. He served. He gave of himself. He was a friend.

The world is a better place because Eliot Keller passed this way. I am a better person because of the life lessons that Eliot shared with me.

Rest in peace, my friend. You have made the world a better place.


12-29-2009 19:56  
Today I am a better employee, friend, mom, and wife because of everything Eliot taught me. Even during the past few months, when our communication was via the phone or internet, I could see Eliot's smile. Every day he made a point to ask how I was doing, while he was battling for his life he still wanted to know how my health and family was. What a brave, brave man. I will never forget you and will miss you everyday.

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