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Bart Shore

12-29-2009 19:52  
So sad to hear about the loss of my friend Eliot Keller. I started working at KRNA one year after the station had started in 1975. So many things I will never forgot. 1027 Hollywood Blvd. Sounded pretty impressive with that address alone.

Eliot was a true pioneer in Iowa Radio, he had the vision to create a radio station out of nothing, and what a radio station it was. Eastern Iowa had never had the likes of a radio station like this before, and really did take it by storm. Eliot was the king of dealing with the FCC. He got KRNA up and running as a local 3000 watt station but knew it could be and had to be bigger, and through his endless hours of work and dedication got that sucker up to 100,000 watts ..KRNA would now reach half the state of Iowa, and was on the map.

I recall watching Eliot's daughter Nicole grow up a bit while I was there. His Mother Millie would come around too, she was a trip. She is pictured on the web site, sitting in Eliot's office by herself. She would walk around the place and make her little comments to us. And Sandy would often come by too, who always seemed to be the voice of reason in the family.

I left Iowa City and KRNA for my hometown of Chicago in 1985. I have been working in the business ever since my days at KRNA. I learned so much from my time at KRNA, and so much from Eliot. I think his strong work ethic must have rubbed off on me a bit. Here was a guy who had a sense of community. He did a lot for the people of Iowa City, and they should be thankful to him. In fact they need to build a statue of him right downtown in front of that little square by the downtown hotel ...He should never be forgotten. I know I won't.

Bart Shore

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