What Eliot Never Told Me...
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12-30-2009 19:14  
I discovered a recent twist to the story about the KRNA van getting stolen from The Magic Bus after Rick Derringer played Homecoming in 1998. (Long story short, I left it running and was loading it up, and while I was on the other side of the house it got stolen by a guy who eventually became a professor at Duke.)

I called Eliot and Rob after the ICPD gave me a ride home. Surprisingly, both were cool about it. Rob literally laughed out loud, while Eliot calmly talked me through how we were going to handle it. (Call the police, have Mike Moyle go on the air and make announcements, etc.)

I re-told that story yesterday on the show as an example of how I never once heard Eliot raise his voice or express any anger. Make no mistake, he got angry, but he never showed it. (At least I never saw it.)

After I finished telling the story, Steve said, "You know, that happened to him at WOC..."
Steve then told the story of young reporter Eliot Keller leaving the WOC van running and unlocked in Davenport, then having some guys steal everything out of it but the steering wheel when he left it alone for a few minutes.

I'm surprised Eliot never told me about that. But the story sure made me smile when I finally heard it yesterday.

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