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Andi Troester

01-04-2010 22:59  
I have many fond memories of my time at KRNA. It's funny how as life moves forward that people fail to age in our minds. Eliot's still a young man with a passion for trains and food in my minds eye, wearing suspenders with flair.

I interviewed with Eliot for the reception position at age 21 (Robbie loving called it VP of Prize Coordination - thank you for that). I'd just moved back from D.C. and was ready to show off all my snazzy citified skills. Eliot asked me what my ideal job was. I promptly (with great forethought) told him it would be to have an outdoor kitchen where I could cook all day long while loving nature. Because that’s what all receptionists should do, of course. Chris, the office manager, looked at me like I was nuts (but amusing). Eliot, on the other hand, said, “You’re hired!”.

Eliot was an understated man in many respects, but his voice could be a whisper in a room full of screaming and he’d be the one I’d listen for. He was a wonderful spirit and I’m certain he’ll be missed by many.

Blessings to his family and loved ones,

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