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Greg Runyon
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12-28-2009 20:38  
I wanted those of you who have come here to remember our friend Eliot to have a link to my blog post regarding his passing, which has already garnered some responses from colleagues. You can find the blog here: http://www.kzia.com/INSIDEZ/BLOGZ/tabid/169/EntryId/142/Eliot-Keller-Remembered.aspx
Joe Fandel

12-28-2009 22:26  
I was very sorry to hear of Eliot Keller's passing. Working for Eliot for a number of years at KRNA during the mid 90's was a time that I will never forget. Please know that his family (both immediate and radio) are in my thoughts and prayers during this very difficult time. God Bless.

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