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When you talk about someone who has died, often they become perfect. The perfect parent, boss, coworker, spouse. Well, Eliot wasn't perfect. He was, however, (and it is painful to type was instead of is!)relentlessly pursuing professional and personal improvement. He was a great boss, friend, mentor, supporter, confidant and comedian in my life and the lives of many others. He always expected the best of me, of himself and of you. If you told him of a goal, you better get ready to back that sucker up with some action. He did. He wanted a better world, and he put his money, time and effort into the game to make it better. To honor him, we should do the same.

Eliot showed us all what grace is. He never asked "why me?" and he didn't waste a minute. He accepted what came and he made the most of it. No, Eliot, it's not a perfect world, but you certainly make it a better one. Radio, the corridor and countless other things are better for the time you were here. Mission accomplished.

Eliot is (and it feels good to type IS) always going to be on my mind, in my heart and, hopefully, whispering useful, productive and hilarious things into my and your ears.

Thank YOU, Eliot. We'll see you when we see you next.

Julie Hein

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