Thank you Eliot
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Mark Hazlett

12-29-2009 14:43  
Eliot –

It was with great sorrow that I read of your passing in this morning’s Gazette

I am going to miss you Eliot. Way back in 1978 I was just out of college when I went to work for Ma Bell. The very first account I called on was KRNA and I met with you. It took me forever but your account was actually one of my first sales – the ‘FX’ line that gave KARNA a local Cedar Rapids phone number. We stayed in touch off and on over the years; we would do lunch every now and then and you would let me send to you a news release for editing (I know, it’s a PRESS release, not a ‘news’ release) or I would send some marketing tidbit that I was going to put out for your review and opinion. I valued your opinion. You were a wordsmith who was not afraid to correct me and offer your opinion. And your opinions were valued.

Yes, you will be missed Eliot. You were a unique individual with a great smile, a great sense of humor and someone who took the time to listen to and give me your foresight and assistance.

Thank you, my friend.

Mark Hazlett

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