Wednesday, April 01, 2015
Perhaps the memories of your senior prom are among your favorites.  Maybe it's high time for a 'Date Night'.  Or do you just want to get some friends together and cut loose...Footloose...
Whatever the reason, Schulte & Swann are excited to extend an invitation to you for Prom 2015 presented by Thomas L. Cardella & Associates!  Ric, Scott and Clare have an incredible night of fun ready to roll Saturday, April 11th at the Double Tree byHilton Cedar Rapids Convention Complex.
You must be 21 to attend!
The fun starts at 7p and is currently scheduled to end at 11:00p.  This years theme is "DOWNTOWN FUNK!"
Don't worry about what you're going to eat and drink:  Free appetizers will be available and Tip Top Cakes will be providing one of their famous works-of-art for dessert!
Wait until you see the AMAZING Prom d├ęcor provided by Covington & Company AND the AWESOME LED dancefloor and lighting from Unique Events
Plus, the room is gonna be ROCKIN' thanks to Murphy Sound!
ALSO, don't forget to capture your night with one of the ultra affordable Read Photography Schulte & Swann Prom Picture Packages.  Check out their fabulousness at
And, of course, it wouldn't be a Z102.9 party without Ric, Scott and Clare and many/most/all of the Z102.9 staff.  Lady J will spinnin' the tunes. Greg, Slater, Jenny, Just John and the rest of the staffers...well, you'll just have to show up and see what they have in store! 
It will be a BLAST, I'm sure!  We can't wait to experience Prom all over again with you.  (Well, not WITH you, but with you.)
Get your tickets now (while supplies last) at any of the ticket locations below!
See you Saturday, April 11th for Schulte and Swann Prom 2015 presented by Thomas L. Cardella & Associates at Double Tree by Hilton Cedar Rapids Convention Complex!



Tickets are $10 (cash ONLY) and can be purchased at 
any of the following locations (while supplies last):
    • 102 3rd St SE, Cedar Rapids
      • Open Mon-Friday 11am-5pm AND 1 hour before performances


  • Are you guys serious about this prom?
Totally.  Bring on the dresses and tuxes and let's party Schulte & Swann-style! 
  • Is the prom open to all ages?
It's prom for adults, so you must be able to show you are 21 or older to attend.  
  • What should I wear?  Do I rent a tux?
You don't have to rent a tux and you don't have to go buy an actual prom dress.  We do want you to dress up.  Cocktail dresses for the ladies and suits for the guys.

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