Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Mo Holland



I'm Mo Holland (though many think it's Mulholland): 9A-Noon weekdays on Z. 

I'm obsessed with fragrance--you need to know that upfront. My mantra is cheap clothes--ridiculously expensive fragrance. I live by it.

I eat plain Greek yogurt for breakfast, but I love a good fake-meat (as in pepperoni, not tofurkey) pizza for supper. I am a contradiction at all times.

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My Blog Baby!


Cancer Is Bad


I am the face of cancer. Just like millions of other people around the world. I was diagnosed with a werdly rare form of cancer in 2008.

I'm a Survivor.

If the fight comes to you or somebody you love get educated:


Current Fragrance Obsession


This was a find! While in LA at a conference, I made a pilgrimage to Scent Bar--a small, fully-loaded fragrance boutique packed with chic, hard-to-find, niche and cult-following fragrances.

I have long loved Keiko Mecheri's Loukoum--if you've never spritzed it, it's the thing dreams are made of-- So, I'm a Mecheri fan as it is. But to find a fragrance (limited edition, I might add!) titled Mulholland--how could I pass it up?! I didn't!

A pretty citrus that's considered unisex, but leans a little in the feminine direction, if you believe there are such things as male and female fragrances.

I have bottle #46 of 1,000.

You can order it at

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