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Greetings and Salutations,

Slater’s the name! I'm a sagittarius who enjoys karaoke, pro wrestling, game shows, junk food, and long walks on the beach. I was born and raised in the Quad Cities, but my radio travels have taken me to Indiana, Virginia, and North Carolina before landing in Cedar Rapids.

A little more about me: First off, I’m a HUGE sports fan. Seriously…it’s probably a little unhealthy. I played baseball, soccer and tennis as a kid and quickly realized that I was awful, so I decided to talk about sports instead! I did play-by-play announcing during high school and college and sent a demo to ESPN and Big Ten Network with hopes of becoming a famous sportscaster (you can see how well THAT turned out).

Secondly, I've been obsessed with performing ever since I was a me, my mom has videos to prove it! While attending college, I majored in theatre with hopes of becoming a famous actor. I've been in more than 30 plays, and someone even decided to cast me in a few movies; I've actually been a PAID extra...twice! I’ve also auditioned for "American Idol" THREE times with hopes of becoming a famous singer (again, you can see how well that turned out).

Thirdly, I love to travel and explore new places. Some of my favorite places include Italy, Hawaii, and Las Vegas. One of my "bucket list" items is to visit all 50 states before turning 50.

I’m VERY excited to be a part of the amazing crew here at Z102.9! I love being out and about and meeting new people. So, if you happen to see me stylin' and profilin' along the streets of Cedar Rapids, feel free to say hello...just don't try to beat me up and take my lunch money...

I bring 100,000 watts of happiness through your radio every weeknight from 7 'til Midnight! Thanks for listening!


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Every weeknight at 8pm, I debut a new song for your listening pleasure. Maybe you've heard it, maybe you haven't...either way, I want to know how you feel about it! You can always vote on Twitter and Facebook, as well by texting 423-9201. Here's what you've had to say so far!

Bleachers - "I Wanna Get Better" ~ YOUR RATING: 8.5/10 

Kiesza - "Hideaway" ~ YOUR RATING: 5/10 

Will Champlin - "Eye Of The Pyramid" ~ YOUR RATING: 8/10 

Lupe Fiasco - "Mission" ~ YOUR RATING: 6/10 

SoMo - "Show Off" ~ YOUR RATING: 8/10

Maroon 5 - "Maps ~ YOUR RATING: 8/10 

Betty Who - "Somebody Loves You" ~ YOUR RATING: 7/10 

Daughtry - "Battleships" ~ YOUR RATING: 7/10 

Dirty Heads - "My Sweet Summer" ~ YOUR RATING: 7/10

Oh Honey - "Be Okay" ~ YOUR RATING: 8/10 

The Madden Brothers - "We Are Done" ~ YOUR RATING: 6/10 

Shakira - "Dare (La La La)" ~ YOUR RATING: 7/10

Michael Jackson - "Love Never Felt So Good" ~ YOUR RATING: 8/10 

T. Mills - "All I Wanna Do" ~ YOUR RATING: 7/10

Michelle Williams - "Say Yes (ft. Beyonce & Kelly Rowland)" ~ YOUR RATING: 5/10

Matt Nathanson - "Headphones (ft. Lolo)" ~ YOUR RATING: 8/10 

Cash Cash - "Lightning (ft. John Rzeznik)" ~ YOUR RATING: 7/10 

5 Seconds Of Summer - "Amnesia" ~ YOUR RATING: 8/10 

Iggy Azalea - "Black Widow (ft. Rita Ora)" ~ YOUR RATING: 7.5/10 

G.R.L. - "Ugly Heart" ~ YOUR RATING: 7/10

Ariana Grande - "Break Free (ft. Zedd)" ~ YOUR RATING: 8/10 

Panama Wedding - "All Of The People" ~ YOUR RATING: 7/10 

MKTO - "American Dream" ~ YOUR RATING: 6.5/10 

Meghan Trainor - "All About That Bass" ~ YOUR RATING: 7/10 

Tove Lo - "Habits (Stay High)" ~ YOUR RATING: 7/10 

The 1975 - "Girls" ~ YOUR RATING: 7/10 

Nabiha - "Mind The Gap"~ YOUR RATING: 6/10 

Usher - "She Came To Give It To You (ft. Nicki Minaj)" ~ YOUR RATING: 7/10 

Fifth Harmony - "Boss" ~ YOUR RATING: 4/10   

The Fray - "Break Your Plans" ~ YOUR RATING: 7/10 

Jake Miller - "First Flight Home" ~ YOUR RATING: 7/10

Charming Liars - "The Desperation" ~ YOUR RATING: 6/10 

Bebe Rexha - "I Can't Stop Drinking About You" ~ YOUR RATING: 6/10 

Jason Derulo - "Trumpets" ~ YOUR RATING: 7/10 

David Guetta - "Lovers On The Sun" ~ YOUR RATING: 6.5/10 

Shawn Mendes - "Life Of The Party" ~ YOUR RATING: 7/10 

VerseCity - "Movin Up" ~ YOUR RATING: 5/10 

Michael Franti & Spearhead - "11:59" ~ YOUR RATING: 7/10 

Banks - "Beggin For Thread" ~ YOUR RATING: 6/10 

Pitbull - "Fireball" ~ YOUR RATING: 7.5/10 

Bean - "Rollercoaster" ~ YOUR RATING: 6/10 

Rixton - "Wait On Me" ~ YOUR RATING: 7/10 

Jessie J/Ariana Grande/Nicki Minaj - "Bang Bang" ~ YOUR RATING: 6.5/10

The Script - "Superheroes ~ YOUR RATING: 6/10 

Fences - "Arrows (ft. Macklemore)" ~ YOUR RATING: 7/10 

Kim Cesarion - "Undressed" ~ YOUR RATING: 6/10 

Phillip Phillips - "Unpack Your Heart" ~ YOUR RATING: 7.5/10 

Birdy - "Tee Shirt" ~ YOUR RATING: 6/10

The Vamps - "Somebody To You (ft. Demi Lovato)" ~ YOUR RATING: 7/10 

Taylor Swift - "Shake It Off" ~ YOUR RATING: 7.5/10 

R5 - "Heart Made Up On You" ~ YOUR RATING: 6.5/10 

Fly Panda - "Rock, Ratchet, Roll" ~ YOUR RATING: 7/10 

Afrojack vs. Thirty Seconds To Mars - "Do Or Die" ~ YOUR RATING: 7/10 

9 O'Clock Most Requested



Monday, 8/18/14

#5 Jason Derulo: "Trumpets"

#4 Jessie J/Ariana Grande/Nicki Minaj: "Bang Bang"

#3 5 Seconds Of Summer: "Amnesia"

#2 Tove Lo: "Habits (Stay High)"

#1 Meghan Trainor: "All About That Bass"

Tuesday, 8/19/14

#5 Jason Derulo: "Trumpets"

#4 Tove Lo: "Habits (Stay High)"

#3 5 Seconds Of Summer: "Amnesia"

#2 Taylor Swift: "Shake It Off"

#1 Meghan Trainor: "All About That Bass"

Wednesday, 8/20/14

#5 Tove Lo: "Habits (Stay High)"

#4 Jason Derulo: "Trumpets"

#3 Iggy Azalea: "Black Widow (ft. Rita Ora)"

#2 Taylor Swift: "Shake It Off"

#1 Meghan Trainor: "All About That Bass"

Thursday, 8/21/14

#5 Jason Derulo: "Trumpets"

#4 Iggy Azalea: "Black Widow (ft. Rita Ora)"

#3 5 Seconds Of Summer: "Amnesia"

#2 Taylor Swift: "Shake It Off"

#1 Meghan Trainor: "All About That Bass"

Friday, 8/22/14








Check out the Star Wars-themed video for Ariana Grande's "Break Free" ...

...and while you're here, check out the Kill Bill-themed video for Iggy's "Black Widow"!

I wish I could do the things with my body that this guy does! Check it out!



Last year, Lay's had a contest to determine its newest potato chip flavor (Cheesy Garlic Bread won the vote, and they're pretty tasty). This year, the competition includes flavors that are...unexpected:

Cheddar Bacon Mac & Cheese

Wasabi Ginger

Mango Salsa


Seriously? Coffee-flavored potato chips? You aren't able to vote for your favorite yet, but my money is on Wasabi Ginger. Take a look at the bags here:



The MTV Video Music Awards are back! Beyoncé leads the field with a whopping EIGHT nominations, with Iggy Azalea and Eminem nominated seven times each.



Iggy Azalea - "Fancy (ft. Charli XCX)"

Beyoncé - "Drunk In Love (ft. Jay-Z)"

Pharrell Williams - "Happy"

Sia - "Chandelier"

Miley Cyrus - "Wrecking Ball"


Iggy Azalea - "Fancy (ft. Charli XCX)"

Beyoncé - "Partition"

Lorde - "Royals"

Ariana Grande - "Problem (ft. Iggy Azalea)"

Katy Perry - "Dark Horse (ft. Juicy J)"


Pharrell Williams - "Happy"

John Legend - "All Of Me"

Ed Sheeran - "Sing"

Sam Smith - "Stay With Me"

Eminem - "The Monster (ft. Rihanna)"


Pharrell Williams - "Happy"

Jason Derulo - "Talk Dirty (ft. 2 Chainz)"

Iggy Azalea - "Fancy (ft. Charli XCX)"

Ariana Grande - "Problem (ft. Iggy Azalea)"

Avicii - "Wake Me Up"


Beyoncé - "Drunk In Love (ft. Jay-Z)"

Ariana Grande - "Problem (ft. Iggy Azalea)"

Pitbull - "Timber (ft. Ke$ha)"

Chris Brown - "Loyal (ft. Lil Wayne)"

Eminem - "The Monster (ft. Rihanna)"

Katy Perry - "Dark Horse (ft. Juicy J)"


The VMAs air Sunday, 8/24 on MTV. Get the full list of nominees HERE!







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