Friday, September 04, 2015

Other Voices


Hey everybody! Ave Karkosh here, keeping your hits coming to you on your Saturday night overnights! If you're ever up between the hours of midnight and six, be sure to listen in if you want to hear some good hits- and me trying to be humorous from time to time. 

I grew up here around Eastern Iowa in the Amana Colonies, and graduated high school from Clear Creek Amana in Tiffin, Ia. A lot of people may know me as former intern Fantana, I started interning here shortly after the start of my freshman year of college over at Kirkwood Community. My plans are to finish up my degree at UNI, but keep all love centered here for the Hawks. If there is anything I can recommend doing for those of you looking for internships, it's to come here. The people here are GREAT, and the music only mirrors it.

During my free time I always enjoy spending time with people and friends, and keeping myself busy with things. I LOVE music, whether it's listening to it, playing it (in the Shulte& Swann Marching Band), or bringing it to all of you people wild enough to be up so late on Saturday nights!

Anyway, if you ever swing by an event with the station or see me around, be sure to say hey! I'll always try to spark up a conversation, and probably talk your ears off. 



Buddy Lee here rockin’ your speakers on Saturday nights.

Been with Z since the summer of ’08. Started out as an Intern and started on the street team that fall.  Next thing I know I’m pushing buttons so you can sing in the car or shower and I have been doing it ever since. You can also find me on the morning show every so often being the cute little butterfly in Scott’s Scouts, snapping risqué photos of Chewbicka for the calendar, or various other things I’m not proud of myself for actually doing!

I am a lover off all music and huge fan of the 90’s.  My passions are Hawkeye football, Cubs baseball, Hunting, golfing, and being with my friends.  I spend a lot of time playing recreational sports, playing with my dog Jax and making sure my wife knows I love her every day!

If interested in seeing a day in the life of Buddy Lee follow me on Twitter @buddyleez1029.



Hey there! I started with Z way back in the summer of 2004 as one of the original street teamers. It has been a blast to promote the station and meet all of the listeners over the years. I grew up in Marion and graduated from Wartburg College in communications where I met my husband Matt.

Outside of Z events, I work at our church, Stonebridge and coach high school girls’ soccer. I enjoy running, dancing, baking and hanging out at local coffee shops. Another fun fact about me is that I own a commercial size espresso machine and love to make my own lattes at home!

I love radio, especially local radio and all of the staff at Z102.9/1600 ESPN. Hope to see you all out there at our next event!



The original ‘intern!’  I was doing stunts and tricks for 102.9 FM way back in the day as “Danger Boy.”  Anyone remember the human hot dog at the old Kernel’s Stadium or reading passages from the “Bridges of Madison County” to inmates at the Linn County Jail? 
Now they let me hang around on the weekend to play today’s hits and stay hip on what’s happening in the Corridor.  If you don’t find me here, check the KGYM studio, behind the JIF keyboards, playin’ sax in the Multiple Award Winning Schulte and Swann Marching Band, Kinnick Stadium, the Cedar Rapids Farmers Market, or holding hands with my wife Shannon while we walk our dogs CJ and Kingston.



Hey there! My name is James(A.k.a. Pick), and I was one of the class of 2013 interns here at Z102.9. I'm currently a senior at the University of Iowa, and my major is (it's a mouthful) “Interdepartmental Studies- Business Studies track, Arts Management Emphasis, with an Entrepeneurship Certificate.” I had an awesome internship here, and the wonderful people here decided to let me stay on as a street teamer, as well as host some over-nights!

I grew up in Marion, Iowa, and graduated from Linn-Mar High School in 2010. When I'm not working I work as a Church Music Director at Noelridge Christian Church in Cedar Rapids, and sing in a Metalcore(screamo) band named “Noah”. (

I'm around at plenty of events, so if you see me, make sure to say “Hi!”


Hey! My name is Jayme Lambeau. Most of you may know me as former intern Lambeau--- but I have now earned my real name back. I am also no longer an intern or street teamer or on-air personality---The Big Guns here at the radio station decided to hire me on full-time and now I am the Promotions Director. You might occasionally hear me on the air every now and then though.
My job at this place is basically the best job out there. While half of it is spend sitting in my office making sure all the street teamers are doing what they need to be doing the other half is spent socializing at station events!
If there is one thing you should know about me it is that I am a huge Green Bay Packers Fan! I also love to binge watch tv shows, play with my 3 year old chocolate lab named Blythe, drink wine, play fantasy football, and cheer on the Iowa Hawkeyes. Life can't get much better ;)
If you want to be a street teamer at this awesome place hit me up at and I will see if you can handle it!



I interned during the summer of 2013 and was named Jazzy for all my crazy energy, and the name just stuck! You’ll see me out and about with the station and filling in on-air over the holidays. I also am part of the Schulte and Swann Marching Band’s Color Guard during parade season (which face it, is ALL year long!) When I’m not with the station I’m attending school in Des Moines at Drake University. I’m refining my skills in the School of Journalism at Drake to be even better for you when I come back during the summer.

Some other stuff you may want to know about me is…

I graduated from Linn-Mar High School in 2012.
My hometown is Marion, IA.
I love to craft and am a self-proclaimed Pinterest-junkie, so nothing is safe around me!
I love to bake and create crazy looking treats. I love all things colorful and sparkly (and even my headphones are PINK!)


Dearest Z Listeners,

I would assume this is the section that I put all this glamorous information about myself and how I started, but that's a story for a different time...actually, I think this is that time to tell you. My bad.

So I started out as a young little intern here at Z in the Fall of 2012. I found very quickly that it is sink or swim around here, so I bought a boat, well, because I guess you could call me lazy, but I think of it more like being smart.
ANYWHO, First things first, the intern nickname. mini-he. No capitals (get it, cause its mini, and.. well yeah.. bad joke, sorry). Did this name fit me or what! I drive a Mini Cooper, I have some miniature horses, some mini goats, and I like on a “mini” farm! The he, well, that should explain itself.

Luckily, I supposedly fit right in to what they were looking for, and BOOM! Here I am. Part time On-Air Talent as I like to call it. I am a “mini” celebrity (so many mini jokes).

I've been told I am a fun guy to talk to, and my personality is outgoing. Make sure you check me out when I am on sometimes!
Hope to talk to you all soon!! (Don't be afraid to stop by my Facebook or Twitter to say hi!! and
Sincerely, Jon (aka mini-he)


Most people shoot for 1 full time job - I go for 3 :) Z102.9 is the reason that I've made Cedar Rapids my home for the last 10 years, when I got the call to become the full-time afternoon personally back in October of 2003. Now I just hit the airwaves when I need to get away from my 2 boys - Easton and Dawson.
 Originally from Clinton, I come from a long line of radio personalities including my dad and two brothers (as much as I tried, I couldn't get away from the radio bug). A graduate of The University of Iowa in Marketing, I now work for the local professional indoor football team, the Cedar Rapids Titans.
 I also dabble a bit in the television field, and you can catch me on 2 local tv shows (It All Adds Up! and Newsleaders) on the Mediacom Connections Channel 22. So the worst thing you can say to me is that I've got a face for radio. 
Interesting Facts about Karol:
- Check out the show "American Pickers on the History Channel" - Mike Wolfe used to be my landlord when I lived in the Quad Cities.
- I've seen Nickelback 6 times in concert and met them 3 times.
- Put "Going To Lollapalooza" on your Bucket List - it's an unbelieveable experience for any music lover
- I worked with Jennifer Garner when I was 12 at a theatre in Mt. Carroll, Illinois in the play "Fiddler on the Roof"
- Biggest regret is giving up the chance to work at Disney my freshman year of college - I got accepted but my parents thought it was too early to take time off from school.
- I will always be a lifelong Hawkeye, so if you ever get tickets to a sporting event, let me know and I'd love to join you!


Hi! My name is Kimberly and I began as a street teamer at Z in August of 2014! I love this job - even if I've only worked here for such a short amount of time; it's definitely been a great experience and I've met some really awesome people!

I graduated from Iowa City West High in 2013 and then in the fall of that same year, I attended Iowa State as an open-major. After a semester, I moved back home to Iowa City to pursue a career in music and acting!

Some of my hobbies include: going to concerts, finding new books to read (I'm always open to suggestions!), scrolling through social media, watching Netflix, and drinking coffee. 

I'm very outgoing and love meeting new people, so if you ever see me around at any of the events, don't be shy!


Hey there! My name is Kurtis (a.k.a. Big Cat), I was an intern in the fall of 2013. While attending the University of Northern Iowa, were I majored in Electronic Media. After my internship the great people here at Z asked me to stay on and become a street teamer.  
When I am not working at Z I spend most of my time working on the farm and watching the Iowa Hawkeyes. I hope to you see everyone at the next event.    



Hey everyone! My name is Lisa but I spent my summer 2013 as Intern Katniss here at Z102.9 (You can call me either name, I will respond to both). I attended the University of Northern Iowa where I majored in electronic media communication. This internship was my final stepping stone. So, I have graduated and earned my degree! I liked all the people and Z102.9 so much I decided I didn't want to leave, and they were gracious enough to let me stick around.

If I'm not working at Z you can find me at my other job, watching hockey, or deer hunting (which is one reason I got the name Katniss). I suppose you could find me doing other things as well, but, hey! I work a lot of Z events so I hope to see you around!


Hey!  My name is Mattie, but I was formally known as Intern Halo. I was an intern at Z in the spring of 2014, and I was lucky enough to become a street teamer.  I received my intern name for running marathons for Dance Marathon, which is really ironic because I actually hate running.

I am currently a senior at the University of Iowa (Go Hawks), and I’m majoring in Journalism and Political Science.  I grew up in Cedar Rapids, and I am a Packers fan, pizza lover, and Netflix addict. 

I’m around at various events, so I hope to see you there!  


Hiya! My name is Melissa, formerly known as Intern Ace! I was named Ace because of my pet "collection" of two dogs, two cats, two gerbils and two toads and because of my long lived all-star moment in 7th grade volleyball when I served an entire game of aces. NO BIG DEAL. After my internship I was hired on as a street teamer! YAY!!!!:)
I am also a nanny to three of the most adorable boys ever! I graduated from Marion High School in 2012 and am currently a senior studying communication studies at the University of Iowa.
Also I love everything that is pink and sparkly...that's probably the most important thing to know about me!  



Hi! “Life Long Eastern Iowan,” “Life Long DJ” Michelle Steele here. I've been in radio since my college days at the U of I and can't imagine a more entertaining or fulfilling career choice!  I "retired" my full time radio days to stay at home with my ever growing tribe of "Steelettes"!  Until I can figure out how to get my own program on TLC to showcase MY huge family, I will continue to toss my "Super Mom" cape aside on the weekends and come out to play on Z! 

Who needs Calgon when you've got a microphone, a hot pair of headphones and an endless supply of Today's Hit Music? 



Wait… Who is this Mitchell James you speak of?
*cue awesome movie announcer voice*
A birth in Southern Minnesota started a story of a boy with a dream.  A dream so big, it would consume him.   It would drive him.  It would be his only source of inspiration to get through his early years.  That dream of knowing that someday all of his hard work and training would finally land him the opportunity to do something… meaningful.  Something… profound.  Something… awesome.  
*end awesome movie announcer voice*
…. sounds riveting, doesn’t it?   All fiction usually does!  
Hello!  Good to see you!  It is truly an honor to be one of the ZJs here at Z102.9.   (ZJs… cool huh?  Awesome AND Creative… you’ll love me!  I just know it!)  I currently moonlight as a ZJ as much as the radio powers that be allow me to while working a full time job making tomorrows and stuff at Transamerica here in the City of Five during the week.  It’s a great opportunity to come and play at Z!  My main stomping ground will be on the weekend.  I hope you tune in and listen!  If all else, you’ll always have the hits playing… unless I hit the wrong set of buttons.



Konnichiwa! Watashi wa Mo! (That’s pretty much all the lingo I retained from my year living in Japan).

When I’m not filling in for other vacationing Z Voices or handing out unsolicited advice to Schulte and Swann,  I’m busy in my (some have described it as ‘cell-like’ due to an unfortunate choice of paint color) office performing death-defying acts as the Commercial Services Director for Z and our brother station The Gym.

I am a makeup and fragrance ‘enthusiast’  or ‘hobbyist’ or whatever ‘ist’ you feel  is appropriate.  Need a foundation with a natural finish and light to medium coverage that matches your skin’s undertone? How about the perfect black gel eyeliner that you can smudge but then it won’t budge? Or are you wondering  what a fragrance ‘flanker’ is? I’m your girl!

Thanks for hanging out with me—let’s get to the Hits, shall we?



Though I grew up in rural South Dakota, I made my way to Eastern Iowa right after high school.  I graduated from the University of Iowa and spent a few years doing mortgages.  You've heard me on the radio in one form or another for the better part of two decades. 

Once I gave birth to my boys Owen and Finnegan, I completely lost any influence over them.  They're ALL boy.  They give the best love, though sometimes it hurts. 

 I'm keen on fuel efficiency. On the other hand, I'd rather fly than drive.



Hey there! It’s Morgan, formerly known as Good Ol’ Dill because I love pickles sooo much.  I was an intern the summer of 2014 and am now lucky enough to work for Z102.9 as a street teamer! 

I grew up in the great little town of (Clare’s) Williamsburg.  I officially graduated from Coe College with a double major in public relations and communication studies when I completed my internship at Z. If I’m not working at the station I can be found working at my other job, watching movies, eating pickles of course, or volunteering at Safe Haven Animal Shelter taking photos of the animals. 

If you ever see me around at the events, make sure to say, “Hello!”


Hey Z listeners, my name is Rami Amr or you might know me as Cpt. Steve Rogers as an intern in the summer of 2014. I am a senior at Coe College and I am majoring in Communications Studies. After my internship they decided to hire me on as a street teamer to keep the fun rolling.

I grew up in Marion, Iowa listening to Z and I graduated from Linn-Mar High School in 2011. When I am not working at Z I am playing Ultimate Frisbee outside or reading Marvel comics.

I go to a lot of events, so I hope to see you soon!




Hey everybody! What’s going on?  My name is Schizzler, but you can call me Schiz.  If you ask me how I got the name I’ll tell you honestly that I don’t remember.  My sister gave it to me a long time ago and for some strange reason it stuck.  

Anyway, if you’re looking at this you probably want to learn something about me, so let’s get to it.  I’m Cedar Rapids born and raised.  I graduated from Jefferson High School in 2003 and then went on to Iowa State where I received my degree in 2008.  As part of my schooling, I had to complete an internship and I thought what better place to do it than Z102.9!  After a yearlong internship I was asked to become a street teamer/on-air personality and the rest is history!  

I can genuinely say that I love everything about my job, but the two things I love most are getting to play music that makes people feel good and also getting to meet all of our amazing listeners.  So if you see me out and about make sure you say hi!



What’s going on!? Zach Johnson is my name but I go by The Green Jacket when I’m on air. I got my nickname when I was and intern during the 2013 summer. I do the overnights on Friday night/Saturday morning from midnight to 6am!
I was born and raised in Cedar Rapids and I graduated from Kennedy High School. After Kennedy I spent two years at the University of Northern Iowa and after my sophomore year I knew I wanted to do more with the station so I moved back to Cedar Rapids. Currently I’m working towards my Liberal Arts degree at Kirkwood and after that I will transfer to the University of Iowa to receive my Communication Degree. GO HAWKS!
I’m often hanging around at events so don’t be afraid to say hi! I love meeting fans of the station!
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