Rad dad

Rad dad

Clare and Eric talk about their Father’s Day weekend experiences during “Not So Best Weekend Ever.” And yes, Clare’s husband rocked his self-bought “rad dad” shirt.

Cedar Ridge Winery and Distillery wants to remind you to drink local! And they are going to make it really easy to drink local because they’ve loaded down The Morning Scramble with $30 gift cards to giveaway! All you have to do is win a round of “Drinks on the House.” Staff bartender, Eric, will be slinging drinks.

The movie box office is pretty quiet, but there is plenty to stream, so Clare and Eric share what they’ve been watching.

The Linn County Fair is going virtual for 2020. Heidi Steffen joins The Morning Scramble for a conversation about what this year’s fair looks like.

The Morning Scramble wants to re-start 2020. Thus far, the year has not been kind, so we have to do SOMETHING. The Morning Scramble’s plan is to re-celebrate New Year’s Eve on June 30th and dub the new new year “2020 2.0.” This week they’ll throw in a celebration of Christmas on the 25th—just to make sure 2020 knows they mean business.