The Morning Scramble had so much fun with Laura VandeBerg , Executive Chef at from Caucho and Cobble Hilll, Andy Schumacher, and Ric Swann from Smart-FM as the 3 judges for Fair Food FRIEDay!

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The Morning Scramble asked Eric’s brother, Greg the Scientist, to demonstrate the GIANT Dry Ice Bubble experiment LIVE! Here is what happened! Also, with parent supervision, here’s how you can re-create the experiment for yourself!

Ingredients for the soap mixture:

1 cup water (distilled water preferred)
5 tablespoons dish soap
4 tablespoons glycerin (can be found at pharmacies or at Michaels)
Stir until well mixed

In a large bowl, put a hunk of dry ice in the center (using gloves), and then add water to fill at least half the bowl. The dry ice will start bubbling. Then, take a piece of cloth (one that is at least as long as the diameter of the bowl), and get it covered with the soap mixture (you don’t need to use the entire soap mixture–save some to dip more in later). Then, hold the cloth taught and pull across the bowl. Make sure you see a film appear, and it may take a few tries. It may also help if someone holds the bowl steady. Once the film has come across, watch the bubble form. It will get quite large, and may have some neat rainbow coloring appear. If you gently blow on the bubble, it morphs and changes. Soon (usually 30-45 seconds later), the bubble will burst, and a large amount of dry ice fog will pour out. You can repeat as many times as you can get the film across the bowl and if your chunk of dry ice keeps bubbling. Adding warm water to the dry ice will increase the rate of bubbles.

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Mr. Shucks from the Cedar Rapids Kernels took Z Boy to School today… Mascot School!

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Our Director of First Impressions, Loretta, doesn’t have a sense of taste… So The Morning Scramble wanted to see her eat the DISGUSTING Jelly Beans from this morning in comparison to David!

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