Friday, August 22, 2014

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On Sundays October 7th and
14th, a murder will take place in downtown Cedar Rapids, and your
assistance will be needed to help solve the case.  At least, that is
the premise of “Halloween Homicide”, an original production by the
cast and crew of Circle of Ash Haunted Attraction.

“What if a murder took place inside a haunted house; That’s a question
we want to answer. Also, many people have done murder mystery dinners
or other mystery events, but this is truly unique for a haunted house.
 It will be less intense, but just as interesting as any other
production we’ve done. We want to provide a different experience for
our customers. Something that our guests expect us to deliver
different entertainment options, and we hope they come and enjoy. ”
Explained Amy Larkin, a Producer for the Circle of Ash.

“This is a true ‘whodunit’. This will be much like a live-action
version of the board game, ‘Clue’.  Our guests will try to figure out
who is the murderer and how it was done. Then once they figure it out,
they can go onto, enter the information, and it
will tell them, if they solved the mystery.” Said Mark Fuller, a
Verteran Actor for the Company  “Also, logistically it is a challenge
for us. For every other production, the groups follow the maze,
interact with the next character, and move on. For this one, they can
go wherever they want, talk to whomever they want, in any order they
want; until they think they have the answer.” Joined, Ian Austin,
Technical Director.

“Halloween Homicide” will run from 8pm-10pm on Sundays, October 7th
and 14th.  This is part of the three-show Halloween Season run at the
Circle of Ash.  The series will also feature a highly intense,
adults-only haunted attraction show, “Lockdown”, and the main,
traditional-style show, named appropriately, “Circle of Ash: The

Circle of Ash Haunted Attraction is a volunteer-only organization that
produces a number of haunted-house style productions annually, in
their space located at 412 7th Avenue SE in Cedar Rapids.  For more
information, people are welcome to visit, or the
Facebook and Twitter feeds of the organization.  Operated much like a
traditional community theatre, volunteers are welcome to sign-up to
help at

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