Wednesday, August 20, 2014

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On Thursday, October 11, National Depression Screening Day, Horizons, A Family Service Alliance will offer free depression screenings to the public. The confidential screenings will be available by mental health professionals from 8AM-5PM at Horizons located at 819 5th Street SE in Cedar Rapids. 

Depression strikes more than 17 million Americans each year. Symptoms include prolonged periods of hopelessness, restlessness, irritability, changes in sleep or appetite, loss of energy and thoughts of death or suicide. “The good news is that depression is successfully treated in 80% of diagnosed cases.” said Bill Gardam, Horizons President and CEO.

Screenings are designed to identify symptoms of depression and other mood disorders, and connect struggling individuals with appropriate treatment and support services. People who participate in a free screening will complete a simple written questionnaire and will be able to talk one-on-one with a mental health professional. Those who need further evaluation will receive referrals to local treatment services.

“Early detection is key,” says Jennifer Lee, a licensed mental health counselor at Horizons. “The sooner a person seeks help for depression the more effective treatment can be.  We welcome individuals to our offices any time of the year and are glad to have the opportunity to highlight the need and provide free services through National Depression Screening Day.” 

“If you have concerns about depression, see a professional.” said Gardam. “They can help you determine what is going on in your life and start you on the road to feeling better and recovery. A good first step is to get a simple, no cost assessment. If you cannot make it to Horizons on October 11, visit the Horizons’ web site at for a simple and confidential web-based assessment.” added Gardam.  

 About Horizons –

Horizons, A Family Services Alliance works to instill hope, change lives, and brighten futures for families in need.  Located at 819 5th Street SE in Cedar Rapids, Horizons provides a variety of services across East-Central Iowa including Consumer Credit Counseling Services, Mental Health Counseling, iCan Counseling Services, Family Outreach Programs, and Meals On Wheels.  Based in Cedar Rapids, Horizons also has offices in Anamosa, Dubuque, Monticello, and Vinton. All Horizons’ programs can be reached by calling

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