Wednesday, August 20, 2014

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The Award Winning Cedar Rapids Eco Film Festival is back again for its 6th year!
CR Eco Film Festival
November 10
Mount Mercy University
2:00pm – 6:00pm
Donnelly Hall

The biggest change for  this year’s event is that the festival is moving from the Coe College campus to the campus of Mt. Mercy University.  “It’s not like there was an attempt to steal the event from Coe”, said Travis Hess, Mt. Mercy’s Sustainability Director, “we’d been following the film festival for several years, and just thought we might have more parking closer to the venue”.  Susan Wolverton, of Coe College agrees, “I’ve been involved in the Eco Film Fest for several years, and we’re just always looking for ways to get new folks involved.  It seemed like moving to Mt. Mercy would help us accomplish that”.

The Eco Film Fest’s mission is to provide screenings of feature length and short films on environmental topics for the Cedar Rapids public.  The festival uses the power of films to educate, inspire and motivate its audience to act on environmental issues.  The goal is to present thought-provoking films and dialogue on a wide variety of interconnected ecological, social and economic themes.  Each film is coupled with a discussion or activity and promotes learning and community networking.  The audience is invited to be more than a passive viewer –  they will leave entertained, motivated and transformed.

This year’s event will feature two full length films, Bag It and Mother Nature’s Child.  A variety of short films will also be shown – themes such as water quality, local economies and individual action will all be included.  Folks who come to this event will be able to see free films, enjoy free popcorn, visit with community members and interact with local environmental organizations.  There will also be recycling of household batteries, plastic bags and old cell phones- all for free.

Organizations involved include the following agencies: Mount Mercy University, Prairiewoods Franciscan Spirituality Center, Indian Creek Nature Center, Wickiup Hill Outdoor Learning Center, Linn County Chapter United Nations Association,Trees Forever, Cedar Rapids/Linn County Solid Waste Agency, City of Cedar Rapids Stormwater Program, Coe College, and the Cedar-Wapsie Sierra Club

Find more information on facebook at CR Eco Film Festival or visit for further film details and a schedule of events.

Film Schedule

2:oopm Bag It!

3:oopm Water Quality Series

·         Story of Bottled Water

·         The Scoop onPoop

·         Gimme Green

3:30pm Human Impact Series

·         300 Years of Fossil Fuels in 300 Seconds

·         TED – Climate Change

4:00pm Individual Action Series

·         For the Price of a Cup of Coffee

·         Bellingham

·         Daily Acts

4:30pm Mother Nature’s Child

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