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Amana: The Iowa Theatre Artists Company (ITAC) will offer a Stage Movement Class for high school students beginning July 23 and running through August 7 at their theatre building in Amana.  The hour-long class will meet on Tuesdays and Wednesdays for three weeks from 11 am to 12 pm and will be taught by, Lauren Gentry.  A Butler University student, Gentry is performing in the summer production of “Oma Tales – Stories My Grandmother Told Me” now through August 17 at ITAC.


The Stage Movement class will stress the importance of an actor’s whole body being an instrument for expression. Students will explore different types of movement: fast, slow, smooth, jagged, etc. and discover what that means to them.  Students will also experiment with what it is like to move in different scenarios, such as walking on hot sand or through slime.  What shapes can you create with your body?  What is it like to be still when everyone else is moving around you? What is mirroring or being someone else’s shadow like?  What emotions and stories can different organic poses illustrate?  Each session will add onto the previous one, eventually connecting specific emotions with the different types of movement through various improvisational exercises.  The class will culminate with the students doing a partner movement or dance piece using the elements of movement they have been exploring.


Cost of the class is $30 for the six-one hour sessions.  For more information or to reserve a place in the class, call 319-622-3222,  Information is posted on the ITAC website:   The Iowa Theatre Artists Company is a small, professional theatre located in Amana in the former Barn Restaurant.


The ITAC summer production of “Oma Tales ~ Stories My Grandmother Told Me” continues on  Thursdays and Fridays at 2:30 pm and Saturdays at 12 pm and 2:30 pm.  Ticket prices are $10 for Adults and $5 for Students for this one-hour play.  A Group Discount is also available.  “Oma Tales” or “Grandmother” Tales, weaves an entertaining history of the Amana Colonies at the time of the “Great Change,” the period of time starting in 1932 when the Colony abandoned its communal way of life.  This new production is based on actual interviews of local residents that were recorded earlier this year in addition to material obtained through the Amana Heritage Society and documented stories found in numerous publications highlighting Amana history.



What: Stage Movement Class

Where: Iowa Theatre Artists Company

            4709 220th Trail

            Amana Iowa  52203

When: July 23 – August 7, 2013

Class Days: Tuesdays and Wednesdays

Cost: $30

Teacher: Lauren Gentry

Phone: 319-622-3222




Iowa Theatre Artists Company

4709 220th Trail

Amana  Iowa  52203






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